Illinois Looks To The 'Land Of 10,000 Lakes' To Help Its Budget Issues"We realized the first thing we had to do is stabilize revenue. And in order to fund government that means we needed to raise taxes."
Governor Bruce Rauner Signs Full State Budget, First Since Taking Office Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was full of bi-partisan praise as he signed the state budget into law Monday.
Rauner Urges Democrats' Agreement On Revenue For BudgetGov. Bruce Rauner says Democrats are moving too slowly on budget negotiations.
Rauner's Budget Sets Sights On State's Pension CostsGov. Bruce Rauner calls for gradually shifting the burden of paying for teacher pensions from the state to local school districts.
Chief Judge Files Lawsuit To Stop Court LayoffsChief Judge Evans is suing Toni Preckwinkle to keep her from laying off at least 156 court employees.
Cook County To Vote On $200M In Budget CutsThe Cook County Board will vote Tuesday on $200 million in budget cuts, triggered by the demise of the sweetened beverage tax.
Aldermen Hesitant About City Revenue Earmarked For CTASeveral Chicago aldermen have expressed some hesitation about city revenue earmarked for the Chicago Transit Authority.
Finance Committee Approves City's Property Tax LevyThe City Council’s Finance Committee approved Chicago’s property tax levy Monday, as it began a hearing for the proposed 2018 budget.
Illinois House Overrides Rauner Budget Vetoes, With GOP HelpAfter more than two years without one, Illinois finally has a state budget in place.
House Passes Budget, Income Tax Hike; Rauner Vows VetoMoments after the Illinois House passed a spending plan that includes a 32 percent increase in the state's income tax, Gov. Rauner said he would veto the legislation.
Last Day For Lawmakers To Reach Budget AgreementIf the General Assembly cannot reach a budget agreement by midnight, Illinois will start a third fiscal year without a budget.