New York State Passed Legislation To Waive Penalty Weeks For Unemployment Recipients; Lawmaker There Says Illinois Should Do SamePenalty weeks are keeping thousands of laid-off workers from getting their unemployment checks. And meanwhile, as CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov reported Tuesday, other states have found a way around the problem.
Answers Arrive About Who Is Calling Unemployed Illinoisans Back At IDES And Where They're LocatedAfter hearing from so many laid-off workers – frustrated by failures of the Illinois Department of Employment Security’s new callback system - we asked IDES and the Governor's office how many people are staffing the phone lines, how that staffing breaks down, and where those people are.
Woman Says After Not Getting Benefits From IDES, She Called Governor's Office And Got Hung Up OnWe got dozens of emails on Wednesday alone from people still not getting the answers they need from the Illinois Department of Employment Security.
Who Is On The Other End For IDES Calls? State Says Agents Are All Illinois Residents, But 3 Of 4 Subcontractors Are Based ElsewhereWho is on the other end of the line when you call the Illinois Department of Unemployment Security?
With Unemployed Illinoisans Not Getting Calls Back, What's Going On At IDES? CBS 2 Demands AnswersThursday marks three weeks since the Illinois Department of Employment Security debuted a callback feature – something the state called a solution for those trying to get through over the phone. But we've learned for many, their calls that aren't coming.
State Rep. Jonathan 'Yoni' Pizer Says He Got Unemployment Debit Card In Mail That He Never RequestedState Rep. Jonathan “Yoni” Pizer (D-Chicago), representing the 12th House District, said he received an unemployment benefits debit card he never asked for just Wednesday.
With Federal Stimulus Ending, Some Are More Worried Than Ever About Getting Illinois Unemployment Benefits They're OwedAnalysts expect more than $1 million new claims when the report is released Thursday morning, and that could only make it worse for people still struggling to get benefits they are owed.
Peoria Woman Receives Unemployment Benefits Card For Mom Who's Been Dead Two Years“If we’re just wasting more money by creating these beautiful IDES, cards and mailing them out across our state, it’s ridiculous,” Cindy Pille said.
Fraudsters May Be Targeting Seniors By Applying For Illinois Unemployment Debit Cards In Their NamesAs many wait for unemployment benefits or the debits cards they need to access that money, it turns out some people are getting those cards in the mail when they never even applied for unemployment.
Unemployed Workers Complain They've Been Waiting For Days For Callbacks From IDES Phone SystemMany jobless Illinois workers have taken advantage of the state’s new feature in which they can skip countless calling and long hold times and let someone from the state’s Department of Employment Security call them back. The problem is, some wait times have turned into days.
IDES, Key Bank Blame Each Other For Late Unemployment Benefits Amid COVID-19 PandemicA new audit of the Illinois Department of Employment Security reveals systemic failures long before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.
Woman Says Illinois Unemployment Office Promised Her Money After 4 Months Of Nothing, But She Ended Up With Only HalfThe state system built to offer lifelines to those who are out of work is riddled with gaffes, according to one worker empathizing with people waiting months for unemployment money.
Unemployment Fraud Complaints: Ending the FrustrationPeople with jobs email the CBS 2 Investigators all the time saying they've been approved for unemployment benefits.
IDES Woes Continue To Plague The Unemployed; 'It's Frustrating'"Over a thousand times. It's frustrating. Meanwhile the bills are coming in. I've got to have money to pay those bills. It's just nerve racking."
Over 45,000 Unemployment Claims Filed In Illinois For Week Of June 22, Amid COVID-19 PandemicThere were 1,427,000new claims filed across the U.S. last week.