ICE Raids Could Begin After Postponement; 'People Are A Little Bit Better Prepared'After a two week postponement, it's possible ICE raids could begin in just hours, based on a series of tweets from President Donald Trump, threatening to deport those staying here illegally.
Husband Of Woman Charged In Forced Labor Scheme Says He Didn't Know What Was Going OnThe husband of a woman facing federal charges in an alleged forced labor scheme, accused of keeping 33 people from Guatemala in her basement, is a federal employee, CBS 2 has learned. 
Charged With Holding 33 Immigrants In Forced Labor Scheme, Cicero Woman To Be Held Until TrialA Cicero woman accused of keeping dozens of immigrants from Guatemala in her basement, as part of a forced labor scheme, will remain in federal custody until her trial.
AP: US Army Quietly Discharging Immigrant Recruits"It's terrible because I put my life in the line for this country, but I feel like I'm being treated like trash."
'Shoot Them All At The Border': DMV Employee Investigated For Facebook Comment "An employee linked to an offensive Facebook post is on leave while we investigate. We take this matter very seriously and very personally."
Migrant Children At The U.S. Border President Donald Trump says he only has two options for immigration: separating children from their parents or open borders. While speaking at an event Tuesday, President Trump called for Congress to come up with a third option.
Undeterred By Trump, Asylum-Seekers Line Up At The BorderA top Homeland Security Department official told lawmakers last month that new asylum filings tripled between 2014 and 2017 to nearly 142,000, the highest level in more than 20 years.
Gov. Rauner Signs The Trust ActThe Trust Act is a bill that limits law enforcement's cooperation with federal immigration authorities.
New "Nada Nada" Ringtone Reminds Immigrants Of Their RightsThe “Nada Nada” campaign comes in the form of a ringtone; one that Ald. Danny Solis (25th) said serves as a reminder.
Teachers, Immigrants Mark International Workers' DayA number of demonstrations have been planned for May Day in Chicago, to celebrate worker and immigrant rights.
People Gather For 'Refugee Remix Rally' At Chicago's Trump TowerAround 100 activists, artists and clergy gathered to promote immigrant artists and to denounce the president's immigration policies.