Pritzker Announces Justice Reform InitiativePritzker noted the state spends roughly $1.3 billion a year for the Department of Corrections, which houses about 43,000 inmates in a system made for about 32,000.
Illinois Senate Approves $15 Minimum Wage LegislationThe Illinois Senate has approved legislation that would raise the state's minimum wage to $15, a priority of newly elected Gov. JB Pritzker, who is hoping to be able to sign the measure before his first budget address.
What's In A Name? For Governor Pritzker, Going By JB Is 'Just Easier'By now, you’re sure to know who Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker is, but do you know how to spell his name, or more specifically how to punctuate it?
Deep Freeze Danger: Governor Pritzker Declares Emergency Over Extreme Cold SnapWith an extended extreme cold snap bringing dangerously low wind chills to Illinois, Gov. JB Prizker has issued a disaster proclamation, to help provide state resources to respond to the frigid weather.
Illinois Joins States Committed To Carbon-Emission ReductionGov. JB Pritzker has ordered that Illinois join a group of U.S. states committed to following the Paris Climate Agreement on reducing carbon emissions.
ATF Data Unclear On Whether Gun Dealer Licensing Laws Make States SaferIt took 16 years of work in the legislature, but Thursday Gov. JB Pritzker signed a landmark gun control bill into law. 
Gov. JB Pritzker Signs Bill Requiring State Licensing Of Gun Dealers Into LawGun dealers are now required to obtain licenses in Illinois after Gov. JB Pritzker signed a landmark gun control measure into law. 
Governor JB Pritzker Signs Gun Dealer Licensing LawJust days after being sworn in as governor, JB Pritzker is expected to sign a sweeping gun reform bill into law. The legislation would require firearms dealers in Illinois to obtain state licenses.