Goodell: No 'Discussions Or Consideration Of Replacement Players'There hasn't been any talk among the owners about using replacement players if the NFL's first work stoppage since 1987 continues on, Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday.
AP: Players Received 53 Percent Of Incremental IncreaseFigures obtained by The Associated Press underscore the substantial divide between the NFL and the locked-out players on a core issue: What portion of additional revenue goes to players.
NFLPA: League Tried To Pull 'The Old Switcheroo'The NFL Players Association says labor negotiations broke down last week because the owners' last proposal would have made salaries a fixed cost and eliminated the players' chance to share in higher-than-projected revenue growth.
NFL Wants To Keep TV Contracts SealedOn Wednesday, the NFL asked a federal judge to keep the details of a $4 billion TV revenue dispute sealed, citing commercially sensitive information within the contracts.
Goodell Keeps $1 Salary PromiseWhen the threat of a lockout emerged, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and league general counsel Jeff Pash said they would cut their salaries to $1 if there was a lockout. That wasn't just a statement to make it appear they wanted a deal, they are following through with that promise.
Tensions Rise In NFL Labor TalksBack where they started. The NFL and players' union are once again less than 24 hours away from a work stoppage. While the deadline has already been extended twice, it doesn't seem like a third time is an option.
Report: NFLPA Rejects Profitability Data OfferAccording to the NFL's lead labor negotiator, the league offered to give the players' union important financial information that it doesn't provide to the 32 NFL teams.
NFL Labor Talks Continue, Deadline Looms On FridayAfter twice extending the deadline of the current collective bargaining agreement it's likely that this week is do or die for the negotiations between the NFL and players' union.