Alderman And Housing Advocates Push For New Protections For SeniorsFed up with a lack of protection afforded by the city to seniors who live in Chicago Public Housing -controlled dwellings, North Side Alderman Harry Osterman is unveiling an ordinance to help the elderly take more control over their homes. 
Illinois' $207 Million Governor's Race Close To Being Most ExpensiveCandidates in the Illinois governor's race have spent more than $207 million on T.V. ads this election season--making this year's election one of the most expensive gubernatorial races in American history. 
Popular Job Perk: Helping To Pay Off Student Loan DebtIt makes companies helping with student loans more attractive to potential employees.
Student Eulogized After Being Killed While Attending A VigilMany of the students arrived in tears. But after it started and memories were shared, the crying gave way to smiles and laughter.
Van Dyke Murder Trial: 12 Jurors, 5 Alternate Jurors Sworn InThe 12th juror has been chosen, and Jason Van Dyke will have to decide tomorrow whether to let a jury or judge decide his fate.
First Black Juror Chosen In Jason Van Dyke TrialRace is at the heart of this case. Van Dyke, the white officer, killed a black teenager, Laquan McDonald. An example, black activists say, of racism in the Chicago Police Department.
Jury Selection Begins In Jason Van Dyke TrialDay 1 of jury selection for the murder trial of police officer Jason Van Dyke began Wednesday, with hundreds of protestors gathering outside to advocate for his conviction. 
Lake County Flood Waters Force Drivers To Abandon CarsStorms are continuing to sweep through the Chicago area. Cars in Lake County were stuck in high flood waters on the side of the road after severe storms in the area.