Bernstein: After All That, Sandusky Didn't Testify?The whole point of Jerry Sandusky going to trial against a mountain of evidence was to take an all-in stab at a small chance of victory.
Sandusky Defense Tries To Undercut McQuearyThe defense in Jerry Sandusky's child sex abuse trial sought to undercut testimony from a former graduate assistant who told jurors he saw the former Penn State assistant coach sexually abusing a boy inside a football facility shower.
Child Abuse Expert: Discrepancy In Investigators' Testimony Not FatalWhen we do forensic interviews of child sexual abuse victims, it is occasionally necessary to tell the child that other people have come forward, other people have already told what happened.
Jerry Sandusky's Wife Takes Witness Stand, Reiterates Husband's Innocence Jerry Sandusky's wife testified Tuesday that she remembers most of the men who told a jury that her husband sexually abused them, but she said he never had inappropriate contact with them as boys.
Child Abuse Expert: Sandusky Defense Digging Bigger HoleTime for Joe Amendola to defend the indefensible. He had a bad day in opening arguments and his cross examination of the first witness. If anything, Monday might have been worse.
Child Abuse Expert: Sandusky Jury Doesn't Need To Hear From ExpertsMedia pundits were wondering why the prosecution isn't calling a psychiatrist specializing in pedophiles to explain Sandusky's behavior. Some people in social media were wondering why the victims didn't come forward sooner.
Child Abuse Expert: No Way Sandusky Victims Are LyingAmendola opened with typical defense attorney tactics. In this case, they were complete nonsense.
Victim 1 Tearfully Details Sandusky AbuseThe teenager whose report of sexual abuse spawned a grand jury investigation into Jerry Sandusky has told jurors that a guidance counselor didn't initially believe him because the former Penn State assistant football coach has a "heart of gold."
Alleged Victims' Photos, Graphic Details Revealed As Sandusky Trial StartsJerry Sandusky's trial in the Penn State scandal opened in graphic fashion Monday with the first witness testifying that the retired coach molested him in the locker-room showers and in hotels while trying to ensure his silence with gifts and trips to bowl games.
3 Jurors Picked For Sandusky Child Sex Abuse Trial Three of the 16 jurors and alternates needed for former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky's child sex abuse trial were selected Tuesday morning as the high-profile case got under way in earnest after months of legal wrangling and intense publicity.
Sandusky's Lawyer Wants Sex-Abuse Trial PostponedJerry Sandusky's lawyer on Wednesday asked for a delay in the former Penn State assistant football coach's child sex-abuse trial, saying he needed more time to prepare and that he was still waiting for disclosure of prosecution material.