Suburban Brothers Held For 33 Days In Florida In Crime They Say They Had Nothing To Do With; Arrests Remain On Their Records Despite No ChargesA father-son trip to Florida took a life-changing turn for two brothers from south suburban Lansing. Hours after arriving, the brothers found themselves behind bars. They sat there for more than a month, even though charges were never filed.
1 Dead, 5 Injured In Apartment Building Fire In LansingPeople jumped out of windows to escape the flames, and a neighbor below even caught a baby dropped to safety.
Woman Dead, Man Injured In Shooting In South Suburban LansingA woman is dead and a man was injured after a shooting Sunday in south suburban Lansing.
South Suburban Man Says He Was Refused Service At Walgreens Drive-Thru After Admitting He's Recovering From COVID-19A south suburban man now recovering from COVID-19 said he tried to be honest about his status, and was refused service at a pharmacy drive-through.
Thieves Posing As Roofers Rob South Suburban Seniors For ThousandsSome men posing as roofers showed up uninvited, offering to make repairs for a south suburban couple. Instead, they robbed the senior citizens for thousands.
Lansing Man Arrested For Impersonating Police OfficerA Lansing man was arrested for impersonating a police officer Sunday night. 
Shots Fired Near Hooters Restaurant In LansingShots were fired at a Hooters restaurant in suburban Lansing.
2 People Shot In GoLo Gas Station Parking Lot In LansingTwo men were shot in a gas station parking lot in Lansing on Thursday morning.
Neighbors Alarmed By Theft, Shooting At Lansing Auto Parts StoreA theft with gunfire transpired Sunday at an auto parts store in south suburban Lansing.
21-Year-Old Held In Connection With Lansing Internet SaleRecords showed in March of last year, he plead guilty to eight felony counts of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. That's when he entered a first time offender program. He had 106 days time served and was given two years probation and five days of community service.
Marvin Gibson-Jones, 21, Charged With Murder In Lansing Shooting Over Internet SalePolice now say the incident, which happened in a parking lot at 500 Bernice Rd., occurred over the sale of an item that had been listed for sale on a social media site.