African Penguin Chick Hatches At Lincoln Park ZooAn African penguin chick hatched at the Lincoln Park Zoo after a 38-day incubation period, the zoo announced.
Animals Chillaxing At Lincoln Park ZooWinter for a lot of animals is a time to see and be seen. WBBM's Steve Miller reports.
16-Year-Old Polar Bear, Kobe, Dies At Lincoln Park ZooLincoln Park Zoo sadly reported Thursday that animal care staff had to make the difficult, but humane decision to euthanize Kobe, the zoo’s female polar bear.
Rep. Quigley Meets Zebra Named After Him At Lincoln Park ZooRep. Mike Quigley met an unusual namesake Monday afternoon—the new zebra at Lincoln Park Zoo.
Critically Endangered ‘Diving Duck’ Chicks Hatch At Lincoln Park ZooThe Boer’s pochard chicks hatched July 29 are the first of their kind born at the North Side zoo, the facility announced Thursday.
28-Year-Old Giraffe Dies At Lincoln Park ZooLincoln Park Zoo sadly reported Tuesday the death of Sabrena, a geriatric female giraffe.
John Legend Spends The Day In Chicago Ahead Of Ravinia ConcertJohn Legend spent Friday in Chicago with wife and daughter ahead of his concert on Saturday at Ravinia.
Lincoln Park Zoo Animals Loving February's Warm StretchThe people of Chicago haven’t been the only ones loving this long stretch of spring weather in February; the animals at Lincoln Park Zoo have been out frolicking in the warmth, too.
Francois' Langur Born At Lincoln Park Zoo, 7th Successful Birth For Breeding PairA bright orange endangered Francois’ Langur was born Monday, the seventh successful birth the Lincoln Park Zoo’s pair Pumpkin and Cartman.
Man Climbs Fence At Lincoln Park Zoo Seal Pool; Cited For TrespassingZoo officials said the man climbed over a railing at the Kovler Seal Pool around 11:30 a.m., but said he never made contact with the seals.
Drone Video Captures Lincoln Park Zoo LightsThe Lincoln Park Zoo holiday lights display is spectacular from the ground. It's even better from the air.
Lincoln Park Zoo Sets Date For Polar Bear Exhibit OpeningChicago's Lincoln Park Zoo has set an opening date for a new polar bear exhibit.
New Penguin Exhibit Opening At Chicago's Lincoln Park ZooThe public is getting its first peek at the penguins returning to Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo.
Oldest Snow Monkey In North America Celebrates 33rd BirthdayOldest Snow Monkey in North America celebrated Wednesday its 33rd birthday at the Minnesota Zoo.
Meet Your New Neighbors, Chicago -- SkunksIf you’ve spotted skunks in Chicago, you might want to get used to them, even if you do want to keep your distance. It seems they’re getting used to the urban lifestyle.