Coronavirus Pandemic Means Major Changes To Marijuana Industry In IllinoisThe pandemic has also totally changed how the dispensaries that are still running are operating every day.
South Loop School Parents Appalled At School Lunch Rule Instituted Over Worries About MarijuanaNow that marijuana is legal in Illinois, one Chicago public school wanted to protect its students from exposure to cannabis by changing the lunch policy.
Chicago Hosts Cannabis Resource Fair To Help People Profit From PotNow that marijuana is legal in Illinois the city hosted the first fair aimed at helping people get into the pot business. 
Man Charged With Driving While High On Pot After Head-On Crash In LisleCole Dixon's arrest might be the first pot-related DUI case in the state since recreational cannabis became legal in Illinois this year.
Vote Delayed On Mayor's Proposal To Allow Marijuana Use In Tobacco ShopsA License Committee and full City Council vote has been delayed on Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s proposal to allow on-site consumption of marijuana at licensed cigar bars, hookah lounges, and other tobacco shops.
No More Weed; Local Dispensaries Suffer From Shortages"It's not what happens on day one, or day two or day three. It's what happens at month six. It's what happens at month 12, at month 18, at month 24. That's the roll out of this program. It's intended to be rolled out over years, not days."
Illinois Secretary Of State: Don't Drive While HighIf a person is pulled over for driving high, they will receive a DUI.
Locate A Cannabis Dispensary Near YouRecreational marijuana sales begin on Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020. Here is some information about where they will take place.
Recreational Marijuana Is Legal In IllinoisRecreational marijuana is officially legal in Illinois.
Chicago Hospitals Prepare For Problems Related To Legal Marijuana UseIn states where recreational marijuana is already up for sale, a legal high is sending more patients to the emergency room. Are hospitals in Chicago are prepared for when legal marijuana soon comes to Illinois?
Legal Weed in Illinois: Your Questions AnsweredCBS 2 reporter Vince Gerasole facilitated a Reddit Ask Me Anything on Monday to answer questions about the legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois.