NASA Says They’ve Discovered Evidence Of Water On MarsNASA researchers make a game changing discovery on Mars. Everything we thought we knew about the red planet is turned upside down.
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Medical Trial May Help Offset Peanut AllergiesCBS 2's Mary Kay Kleist reports, researchers at Lurie Children's Hospital are conducting a study that may give patients other options in the future. But does it work?
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What To Do If Your Medicine Has Reached Its Expiration DateSince the 1970's, the FDA requires medications to have expiration dates. The government has looked at national stockpiles of medications and found that some may last as long as 15 years longer. CBS 2's Mary Kay Kleist reports.
Liposuction Moves To Surprising Area Of The BodyGot "cankles"? Modern medicine may be able to help, CBS 2's Mary Kay Kleist reports.
Cleanup Of Storm Damage Along Lakefront Will Cost $100,000Friday's storms and high waves tore out huge chunks of asphalt along recreational paths.
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Some Types Of Naps More Helpful Than OthersExperts say the ideal time for nap is generally between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Napping later than that can interfere with nighttime sleep. CBS 2's Mary Kay Kleist reports.