Iraqi Beauty Queen Sarah Idan Criticized For Visiting IsraelSarah Idan, Iraq's 2017 Miss Universe beauty pageant contestant, is visiting Israel this week -- a trip that has enraged people back home. Her appearance drew harsh criticism from Iraqis on social media. 
Dozens Of Protesters Killed In Gaza As U.S. Embassy Opens In JerusalemPalestinians in Gaza, who hope to make East Jerusalem their capital, staged mass demonstrations on Monday, setting fires and throwing firebombs across the border into Israel.
Hands Of Peace Summer Program Unites Israeli, Palestinian And American Teens In ChicagoIsraeli, Palestinian and American teens spent three weeks in the Chicago area as part of a peace building program designed to help break down the walls of conflict in the Middle East and throughout the world.
Mideast Banker Ordered To Spend Next 4 Vacations In ChicagoUnder a highly unusual sentence imposed by U.S. District Judge Thomas Durkin, tax cheat Aamir Khan will be allowed to serve five years of probation in his hometown of Doha, Qatar. But for the next four years, Khan also will have to jet into Chicago once a year to spend 30 days in a halfway house.
Muslims Mark End Of Ramadan At Eid Celebration In BridgeviewAmid turmoil across the Middle East, Chicago area Muslims jammed the field at Toyota Park in Bridgeview on Monday, to celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan.
Indiana Patient Contracts Deadly MERS Virus, First Case In United StatesHealth officials say a patient in Indiana, who traveled through Chicago, has contracted a deadly virus from the Middle East, marking the first time the virus has turned up in the United States.
Opinion: Why Do The Liberals Keep Complaining?Liberals and their ilk obviously won the executive branch of the United States government for another four years with the reelection of President Barack Obama, but they still pick fights as much as they did before the election – if not more.
Opinion: Single-Issue Voting Is Wrong In These Multi-Issue TimesConsider the economy, the job market, the recent horrendous occurrences in the Middle East before voting for a person because of his race, his social-issue promises, or any other rather selfish reasons.
Opinion: Selectively Presidential: Obama Chooses To Be Presidential When It's ConvenientWhen the storm and its headlines have passed, however, the questions about the Benghazi tragedy should continue full force as November 6 continues to near. During the much-needed questioning and impending investigation, it would be grand if President Obama would remain presidential throughout the process.
Opinion: No News For ObamaPresident Obama doesn’t want to have to answer the “difficult” questions on the economy, jobs, the turmoil related to America in the Middle East, and more so he avoids solid news programs to go on popular fluff shows to get softball questions.
Opinion: With Economics Intertwined With Foreign Affairs Romney Will Win The Final Presidential DebateRomney’s ideas – if presented fresh and enthusiastically hopeful for America’s future – can be the final bump he needs to win this election.