Bernstein: Bears' Loss Avoids Bad, Wrong ConclusionsWe're inching closer to what really matters, and it has nothing to do with the games now.
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Black Monday: 5 NFL Coaches Fired Already It didn't take long.
Redskins Fire Coach Shanahan After 3-13 SeasonMike Shanahan's plan to restore order, professionalism and consistent success to the Washington Redskins disintegrated quickly in 2013, costing him his job Monday a day after the team finished a 3-13 season.
Durkin's Playbook: Defending The Redskins Play-Action Passing GameLike the mesh point on a zone-read play, Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan has merged two styles of football - Bill Walsh’s West Coast offense, and Alex Gibbs' zone-blocked running scheme - into nearly two decades of offensive success.
Shanahan: Cutler Playing 'The Way He Played For Me'Just barely a month into his new job, Marc Trestman was still seeking all the information he could while attending the NFL Combine in Indianapolis last February.
Cash, Passport Stolen From Shanahan's Locker On Road TripWhen the Redskins lost 27-12 to the Steelers on Oct. 28., Washington head coach Mike Shanahan lost more than just a game.
Bernstein: Cris Collinsworth Spoke Irresponsibly About ConcussionsAnd here I thought we had turned a corner in our understanding of the seriousness of brain injury, especially in what had appeared to be a newly enlightened – and legally threatened – NFL.
Redskins' Morgan Deals With Twitter Death ThreatsWashington Redskins receiver Joshua Morgan felt the full downside of the social media age this week, receiving death threats and other venomous message on Twitter because of his fourth-quarter blunder in the loss to the St. Louis Rams.
Durkin: Know Your Opponent - Washington RedskinsAgainst a banged-up, patchwork Redskins line, if the Bears are unable to get pressure on Griffin with their front four, it could be panic time in Chicago.
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