At Least 12,000 Packages Disappear Every Day In Chicago, Expert SaysIf you’re freaking out because that all-important gift has not arrived yet, you’re not alone.
16 Months After Chicago Firefighter Pointed A Gun At Him, Jermayne Smith Still Waiting For Justice; 'It Feels Like I’m Not Taken Serious'The white firefighter who pointed a gun at an innocent black man, and accused him of breaking into his car, has never been disciplined or charged with a crime.
Vacant City-Owned Lots Become Frustrating Eyesores For Neighbors; 'It Devalues Your Property'City records showed 311 fielded more than 100 complaints about vacant lots owned by the city in 2018, ranging from trash and debris to high weeds.
Meet Process Server Eddie Jackson; A Vital But Overlooked Cog In The Court SystemEvery day, countless people go to small claims court to try to collect a debt, but they can’t until someone like Eddie Jackson finds the person who owes them money
School Board To Vote On Plan To Close Chicago Virtual Charter School
New Year, New Tax: Illinois To Start Collecting Sales Tax On Vehicle Trade-Ins Worth More Than $10,000“January is usually a slow month for auto sales, but this January is going to be particularly tough,” said David Sloan, president of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association.
458 Workers Won Wage Claims In Illinois In Past 2 Years; 75% Still Haven't Been Paid What They're Owed
Illinois Employees Win Wage Claims But Never See Their Money
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Fake Check Causes Very Real Problems For Man Searching For Roommate"Nail him. Find out where it's going to and what account it's going to. I'm sure they have ways to find that out."
Factory's Foul Stench Has Evanston Neighbors Demanding A Solution; 'Don’t Take No For An Answer'Evanston resident Mike Boll filed complaints about the asphalt smell he said is caused by the Tapecoat Co. factory, located across the alley from his back yard.