NASA Rover Finally Bites The Dust On Mars After 15 YearsIn the end, Opportunity outlived its twin by eight years and set endurance and distance records that could stand for decades.
NASA, SpaceX Aim For March Test Of 1st New Astronaut CapsuleIt would be the first launch of U.S. astronauts into orbit, from U.S. soil, since NASA's shuttle program ended in 2011.
What's Next For NASA's Mars InSight Lander?The first science data isn't expected until March, but InSight will be sharing snapshots of Mars along the way.
Mars Spacecraft Set To Land On MondayThe 800 pound InSight spacecraft is finally going to reach the red planet to closely study the deep interior of Mars.
NASA's Parker Solar Probe Breaks RecordThe Parker Solar Probe broke the record for closest approach to the sun.
Purdue Grad Attempts To Tie Spacewalk RecordPurdue has a very rich space history. A third of all U.S. space flights have included at least one Purdue grad. 
SpaceX Says Elon Musk To Unveil New Plans For Private Citizens To Fly To The MoonThe company has successfully launched 15 Falcon 9s and one Falcon Heavy so far this year.
Astronaut Quits NASA Training – A First In 50 YearsAstronaut candidate Robb Kulin has resigned halfway through his two years of training at Johnson Space Center in Houston.
NASA Finds 'Water Ice' On The Surface Of The MoonScientists have long believed that water ice could exist in the ever-dark recesses at the moon's poles and that belief has finally been confirmed in a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Aug. 20.
Hawaii Residents Brace Themselves As Hurricane StrengthensThe National Weather Service said that Hurricane Lane had become a Category 5 hurricane, which means that it is likely to cause catastrophic damage.
Parker Solar Probe Blasts OffThe Parker Solar Probe is named after University of Chicago astrophysicist Dr. Eugene Parker.
Another Chance To See The Perseid Meteor ShowerThe forecast is for mostly clear skies and the best viewing will be away from city lights other "light pollution."
Parker Solar Probe To Launch SundayThe Parker Solar Probe is named after Chicago native 91-year-old Dr. Eugene Parker.
NASA Package That Fell From Sky Had Note Mentioning TrumpMr. Trump has been staying at his golf club in Bedminster, which is 29 miles away.
NASA's Solar Probe Cleared For Launch On Mission To "Touch The Sun"NASA managers have cleared the $1.5 billion Parker Solar Probe for launch early Saturday on a daring mission to "touch the sun."