Mobster Hit Suspect Shows Symbol Linked To Conspiracy TheoryAnthony Comello was arrested Saturday in the death of Francesco "Franky Boy" Cali.
Amazon Workers Treated After Bear Repellent Releases FumesAt least one of the workers was in critical condition. The injured workers were taken to five hospitals, officials said. It was not clear if any were released.
Joe Biden, Forceful At Times, Tears Into Trump In NJ speechBiden also stressed to the crowd that the upcoming November midterm elections are "the most important election any of us have voted in so far."
Judge Orders NJ Couple To Hand Over Money They Raised For Homeless ManThe couple originally began a GoFundMe to help Johnny Bobbit, a homeless man, after he shared his last $20 to help Katie McClure, who was stranded in Philadelphia.
NASA Package That Fell From Sky Had Note Mentioning TrumpMr. Trump has been staying at his golf club in Bedminster, which is 29 miles away.
'Unbearable Pain': Mom Speaks After Crash Killing Husband, DaughtersThe family was returning from a beach vacation in Ocean City, Maryland.
Accused School 'Pooperintendent' Relieves Himself Of Duty After ArrestA New Jersey school official dubbed the "Pooperintendent" is now out of a job months after he was caught defecating on a rival school's football field.
Heartstopping Video Shows Quick-Thinking Cop Warn Man In Path Of Oncoming TrainA police officer in New Jersey is being credited with saving a life after a man on railroad tracks who was unaware an oncoming train was about to hit him.
GOP Congressional Candidate: Diversity Is 'A Bunch Of Crap And Un-American'Seth Grossman won the Republican primary in New Jersey, and the National Republican Congressional Committee endorsed his bid for Congress on June 6.
Bigfoot In New Jersey? Couple Joins Dozens To Report Seeing CreatureA couple in New Jersey have become the latest to say they've seen the mythical creature known as Bigfoot.
NJ Superintendent Accused Of Defecating Near Football FieldThe Kenilworth Board of Education said in a statement that Tramaglini was granted a paid leave of absence after his arrest.