Norovirus Detected At Chicago High-Rise For SeniorsThe outbreak appears to be subsiding, Chicago health officials tell CBS.
Indiana School Blames 120 Student Absences On Norovirus OutbreakFor the second day in a row, more than a quarter of the children at an elementary school in northwest Indiana were not in school, as a highly contagious viral infection spread through the student body.
Apparent Norovirus Outbreak Hits StatevilleHealth officials believe they know what led to a widespread sickness inside the prison, which holds more than 3,000 inmates.
Norovirus Outbreak Subsiding At Algonquin SchoolAn outbreak of norovirus, which raced through a suburban school last week, appears to be subsiding.
Norovirus Strikes Evanston Retirement HomeHealth officials say more than 60 residents and staff of an Evanston retirement home became sickened by a norovirus outbreak, but directors of the residence say most of the illness has passed.
Norovirus Strikes Evanston Retirement HomeMore than 60 residents and staff of an Evanston retirement home have been sickened by a norovirus outbreak.
'Stomach Flu' Bug Hits Nursing Homes, SchoolsThe norovirus continues to spread in the Chicago area. Get details on the virus commonly called 'stomach flu'.
Officials: Norovirus Epidemic Will Get WorsePublic health officials say the norovirus outbreak is going to get worse before it gets better.
Concern Over Norovirus Sending More Kids To HospitalsHundreds of cases of the norovirus have now been reported in Cook County, and in two dozen different areas in the south and northwest suburbs. CBS 2's Pamela Jones reports.
More Stomach Virus Cases Reported In SchoolsReports of the highly contagious norovirus have steadily increased in Chicago area schools this month.
Outbreak Of Stomach Virus Hits Several SchoolsHealth officials are warning the public about an outbreak of intestinal illness in several suburban schools.