Two Former DePaul Basketball Players Are On Front Lines Of Pandemic"It’s so parallel. Everything about it, down to time management to prioritization. You're on a team when you're in a hospital and different parts of that team work as a well-oiled machine. I feel like I'm back on the court when I'm on the floor of the emergency department."
Northwestern Hospital Cook Says She And Her Colleagues Are At Risk, Need Hazard PayA question remains about hazard pay at hospitals, and who gets it.
Nurses Have To Hold It Together Under Added Stress Of COVID-19 Pandemic; 'We Don’t Even Have Time To Think How It’s Affecting Us'“Things that I rely on normally as coping mechanisms just aren’t there,” Northwestern Memorial Hospital nurse Blair Bobier said.
Giving The Gift Of Life"We knew there was a potential for a change. It's exciting to think that just my kidney didn't know one person but helped all these people."
Family Of Woman Who Died After Drug-Resistant Fungus Infection Seeks TransparencyThe drug-resistant fungus Candida Auris is spreading, but hospitals don't have to reveal if cases have been reported.
Anti-Vaxxers' Adult Son Gets Measles, Now He Has A Message: 'The Science On This Has Been Settled'"It makes me so angry. My parents thought they were doing the right thing. They were persuaded by the anti-vaxxers," Joshua Nerius said.
Hospitals Must List Procedure Price Lists, But They're Not Always Easy To Find Or NavigateHow much would it cost to get a cast on your leg, or get an MRI? Effective Jan. 1, you should be able to tell just by going to the hospital’s website. However, CBS 2 Investigator Dorothy Tucker discovered those price lists are sometimes hard to find, and often confusing.
New Study Connects Cold Weather And Heart Attack RisksA new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association says a winter day may be enough to trigger a heart attack.
Chicago Hospital Faces $18.5M Verdict For Boy's DisabilitiesThe Cook County court lawsuit says Charles Muhammad of Merrillville was born in 2006 with a buildup of fluid in the brain, spina bifida and other permanent impairments.
Hospital Tube System Helps Create Faster, More Cost Effective Healthcare“We will send 7,200 to 7,500 of these a day,” said Jim Konopka, an engineer at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, holding a carrier that travels through the four miles of tubes that connect seven buildings on Northwestern’s downtown campus.
Medical Miracle: Man Paralyzed In Diving Accident Walks AgainJulian Sosa was paralyzed from the neck down after a diving incident at a suburban pool. Today he is able to walk again.