NTSB Investigating Fiery Eisenhower Crash That Killed 1, Injured 3Three semi-trailer trucks and four passenger vehicles were involved in a pileup around 2 p.m. Thursday in the inbound lanes of Interstate 290 near St. Charles Road.
NTSB: Engine Disk Was Cracked From Fatigue Before O'Hare Plane FireAn engine disk that broke apart and forced an American Airlines jet to abort a takeoff in Chicago last week shows signs of fatigue cracking, according to a preliminary report released Friday by accident investigators.
Jet Engine Pieces Found Scattered After Airplane Fire At O'HareAn investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board stressed the investigation is in its early stages.
Small Plane Crash In Connecticut Declared IntentionalA small plane crashed Tuesday in Hartford, Conn., killing a student pilot and injuring the instructor.
Prior To Blue Line Crash, Operator Worked Long Hours, Nursed Cold, Went To Flag-Football PracticeOne year after a runaway Blue Line train crashed and jumped an escalator at an O’Hare Airport terminal, federal officials have opened the files on the case.
Friends, Family Say Goodbye To Father, Daughter Killed By Fla. Plane Crash Fifty-three-year-old Jeffrey Bronken, who was piloting the plane, died in the March 22 crash near Clearwater, Fla. His daughter, 15-year-old Katie Bronken, died a few days later.
O'Hare CTA Crash Brings NTSB Back To ChicagoNTSB investigators combed Monday’s scene after just finishing a probe into another CTA train crash September 2013. CBS 2's Dave Savini reports.
CTA Suspends Switchman In Sept. 30 Blue Line CrashUnion leaders are furious, claiming the CTA is simply looking for a scapegoat. CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports.
CTA, Feds Ready To Rule Out Sabotage In 'Ghost Train' CrashA CTA bulletin posted tonight in all train yards orders employees to isolate all defective cars and put chocks on all wheels to make sure they can't move.
Restaurant Association Opposes Dropping Legal Blood Alcohol LimitThe American Beverage Institute warns dropping the legal blood alcohol limit to .05 will backfire by devastating the restaurant industry, actually reducing public safety, and do nothing to attack the core of the drunk driving problem.
Report: Near-Collisions Continue To Cause Worries At U.S. AirportsThe National Transportation Safety Board is investigating two near-collisions within months of one another last year at O'Hare International Airport.