Parents Who Declined Vitamin K Shots For Newborns Sue Hospitals, DCFS Over Medical Neglect Investigations“To interfere with a family’s decision to make medical choices on behalf of their children, you have to do it on a case-by-case basis,” attorney Richard Dvorak said.
Next Generation Of CTA Rail Cars To Include Six New Design Features To Make For Better RidesThe wheels are turning for what the CTA hopes is a simpler and easier commute.
Assembly Underway On CTA's Newest Rail Cars At Hegewisch FactoryA massive factory on the South Side is building the CTA trains of the future, and they’ll be on the tracks sooner than you might think.
Caught On Video: American Airlines Supervisor's Profanity-Laced Tirade After Mechanic Writes Up Safety IssueA profanity-laced video has raised questions about safety on one of the biggest airlines at O’Hare International Airport, and about what is acceptable behavior in the workplace.
Littered With Garbage And Needles, Harding Park Is Unfit For KidsHarding Park near Division and Pulaski is littered with garbage, cigarette butts and even discarded needles.
Driver Charged For Tolls She Never Drove Through; 'Nobody Had Any Explanation'Everyone has to pay tolls, but what would you do if you received a bill for tolls you didn’t drive through?
Ashes Found In Foreclosed South Side Home Returned To FamilyReal estate investor Mark Wallace stumbled upon an unlikely discovery when he entered a South Side home recently.
Travel Insurance Provider 'Just Fly' Accused Of Charging Passengers To File ClaimsUnited Airlines helped out a passenger recently who was let down by her travel insurance provider. 
Some Ukrainian Village Residents Fuming Over Parking Tickets Issued Hours After Permit Signs Put UpEvery vehicle parked along the two-block stretch of West Ohio in Ukrainian Village had a $75 ticket by Friday morning.
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