Mystery For Chase Bank Customer: One Second He Had Nearly $250,000 In His Accounts; The Next 'Boom, Zero, Nothing'Talk about a shocker. You open your checking and savings accounts and see nearly a quarter of a million dollars gone. Poof. Disappeared.
A Year After Daughter's Death In North Carolina, Grieving Mom Still Waiting For Answers; 'It's Devastating'Debbie Heater has subpoenaed documents, and called local law enforcement in North Carolina, but still can’t get clear answers about how her daughter’s death is being investigated.
After Already Being Subject Of CBS 2 Investigation For Dubious COVID-19-Fighting Light Gadget, Fam Mirza Returns With Another OneA Chicago inventor reached out to us, boasting about his little light gadget that will zap germs in your purse. We did a double-take, because we have heard this pitch before.
Getting Hosed: The City Makes Massive Errors On Water Bills For Metered AccountsFor years, the CBS 2 Investigators have exposed baffling gaffes in the bureaucracy that is the Chicago Department of Water Management: big, bad bills. By bad, we mean wrong. 
Getting Hosed: Woman Charged $24,000 For Water She Never UsedAfter Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently announced a plan to resume meter installations, we looked into the City program and discovered how ineffective it will be -- especially for one Chicagoan getting hosed.
'I Just Felt Wronged:' Disabled Veteran, Proud Steelworker Devastated After ArcelorMittal Cuts His JobDisabled Iraq War veteran Christian Peters of Hebron, Indiana is one of the 29 million Americans who are now unemployed. The proud steelworker was cut by ArcelorMittal.
Woman Wary Of U.S. Postal Mailboxes After Checks Are Stolen And She Loses Over $7,000 In Check-Washing SchemeCountless envelopes slide into U.S. Postal Services boxes each day – but what if the mail never makes it to its destination?
Unemployment Fraud Complaints Soar 2000% For Illinois Department Of Employment Security; Not Counting Pandemic Assistance FraudIn addition to more than 14,000 identity theft claims at IDES, there have been 107,000 more fraud claims that came through Illinois under a new federal benefit called Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.
Comcast Bill-Saving Scam Sounded So Good, Even Company's Reps Fell For ItIt’s an age-old scam: Crooks convincing victims to pay bills with gift cards.
Getting Hosed: One Woman Gets Hosed And Bulldozed By The CityCamella Batten is retired, she’s fought cancer, and she’s scared of COVID-19. But her biggest obstacle? The City of Chicago.
Broken Sewer Main Has Been Seeping Into Harvey Landlord's Basement For Six MonthsCBS 2 Morning Insider Lauren Victory finds out why the city of Harvey has been neglecting its responsibilities.