Two Men Arrested For Attacking ParamedicDaniel Delgado, 30, and Hector Moreno, 24, allegedly attacked and punched a paramedic in Edgewater Friday night.
Fire Chief Claims He's Being Fired For Refusing To Cover Up Paramedic's NegligenceBattalion Chief Joseph Gilles said his investigation determined that a paramedic did not do her job the night she responded to a call about an 81-year-old woman who choked on food at a family party.
Ambulances Lose Precious Seconds When Motorists Don't Pull Over CBS 2's Mai Martinez rode along with Chicago paramedics to see what they're up against.
Chicago Firefighter Dies In Motorcycle Crash DownstateA Chicago firefighter and paramedic was killed in a motorcycle crash near Springfield on Thursday.
2 Investigators: Questions Surround Man's Death On AirplaneA Chicago man onboard a spirit airlines flight from Las Vegas to Chicago this past Monday died and 2 investigator Pam Zekman has learned there are questions about emergency training for staff and medical equipment on board that plane.
Paramedic Has Been Working 14 Months Without LicenseIt was a discovery made just a couple of weeks ago, and the Fire Department has been scrambling to correct the situation.
Did Paramedic Falsify Report About Man Who Later Died?The Chicago Fire Department is trying to find out whether a paramedic falsified a report about a patient who died on Memorial Day.
Cop, Paramedic, Store Clerk Hurt In West Side IncidentA Chicago Police officer, paramedic and store clerk were injured -- and a fourth person subdued with a stun gun -- during a Tuesday afternoon incident at a Garfield Park store.