Chicago Street Sweeping Season Begins Thursday, So Get Ready To Move Your CarThe city posts orange "no parking" signs along street sweeping routes two business days in advance. Drivers who don't move their cars risk getting a $60 ticket.
Parking Rules, Frequent Tickets Draw Frustration In Oak Park, And It's Not A New ProblemThe dreaded parking ticket – it’s enough to ruin your day. One viewer was so peeved that he called us out to his suburb to survey the signs.
State To Stop Taking Overdue Fines Out Of Income Tax Refunds For Lower Income Taxpayers Due To PandemicLower-income taxpayers in Illinois who owe unpaid parking tickets or other fines to the city of Chicago or other local governments won't have that money taken out of their income tax returns this year, in an effort to give them another measure of relief during the pandemic.
Woman Kept Being Sent Parking Tickets From City Of Chicago After Moving To North CarolinaJennifer Owen moved to North Carolina and thought Chicago was part of her past, until parking tickets – a whole bunch of them – started showing up.
City Extending Enforcement Of Vehicle Stickers, Residential Parking Permits Until Aug. 1Motorists in Chicago are getting more than two extra weeks to display city vehicle stickers and residential parking permits before they risk getting a ticket.
Parking Tickets During COVID-19 Pandemic; 'Feels Like A Kick In The Pants'The $70 tickets were just another hardship for the brothers after being forced to layoff most of their staff due to restaurants being closed.
Neighborhood Construction Leaving Residents With 'Surprise' Parking TicketsIt's what neighbors call the parking nightmare on South Damen Avenue: Construction cones push traffic to one side, eliminating parking there. People said they are running out of options and now they're paying the price.
City Unveils Vehicle Sticker Amnesty, Ticket Relief Programs For Scofflaw DriversThe city has announced an amnesty program for drivers who haven’t purchased their sticker yet, and a chance to get some of their tickets wiped out.
Convenience With A Catch: ParkChicago App Users Are Getting Expired Meter Tickets When They Should NotWhy is the city handing out tickets to thousands of people for expired meters - even though there's still time left on the clock?
Aldermen Sign Off On Changes To City Fines And Fees To Help Low-Income MotoristsMayor Lori Lightfoot noted Cook County leads the nation in Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, with many of those cases tied to unpaid debt to the city.
In Chicago, Decades-Old Parking Tickets Offer Drivers Few Options, But To Pay UpA parking ticket is frustrating--especially when you're not positive you ever did anything wrong.