For Holidays, Hanover Park Police Will Trade Parking Fines For Canned GoodsA northwest suburban village will be losing revenue from parking fines, but its food pantry expects to gain hundreds of cans of food.
Fioretti Proposes Parking Ticket Amnesty ProgramFioretti, who is one of four challengers facing off against Mayor Rahm Emanuel next month, said he’s introducing an ordinance that would cancel the onerous fees and penalties for parking ticket scofflaws, if they pay up their original unpaid parking fines in full.
Lakeview Residents Claim Tickets Issued Despite Absence Of ‘No Parking’ SignsThere's not a lot of free parking in the city today, so imagine the reaction for some drivers who found a stretch of road without any “no parking” signs in sight.
Hundreds Receive Parking Tickets Despite Paying With Park Chicago AppHundreds of drivers who thought they had paid for parking through an app on their smartphones have gotten tickets in Chicago, reports WBBM's Nancy Harty.
2 Investigators: City Residents Complain Faulty Pictures Not Proof Of Parking ViolationsIt's the newest thing: You get a notice of a parking ticket in the mail, along with so-called evidence that the violation occurred. But, viewers have complained to the CBS 2 Investigators that the photographic proof taken by city workers may prove nothing at all. Pam Zekman tells us what's going on here.
Chicago Police Issued More Parking Tickets In 2013A new analysis shows after years of steady declines, the city issued 2.5 million tickets in 2013, a six percent increase from 2012.
It Might Be Tiresome, But Scrape Off Your Car, Or Risk A TicketCity law allows police to ticket and even tow a car if it hasn't been moved in seven days.
Parking Meters Buried In Snow, Making Paying For Space Difficult Adding insult to injury from the recent storms, hundreds of parking tickets were slapped on cars near those much-hated Chicago parking meters.

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