R. Kelly Posts Apology After Being Dropped From UIC Concert LineupChicago native and Grammy winning singer, R. Kelly, is apologizing to fans after his Chicago concert was abruptly canceled.
Report: Singer R. Kelly Luring Women Into 'Cult'R&B superstar R. Kelly has lured at least a half-dozen young women into an abusive, "cult-like" existence, according to a deeply disturbing account from Buzz Feed.
Pitchfork Music Festival 2013: R. Kelly Is Everything To Everyone, Bjork Summons The StormPitchfork music festival, now in its eighth year, is produced by the people behind the indie-rock bastion Pitchfork Media—essentially, a music festival put on by people who frequent music festivals. Held in Union Park, a small patch of grass on Chicago’s north side, a few dozen carefully selected bands are spread out over three days on three stages. The collection of pop and indie pretty accurately encompasses the music website’s taste, while indie clothing retailers and a vinyl record tent represented its lifestyle.
Pitchfork Music Festival Headliners AnnouncedAn annual music festival held here in Chicago, Pitchfork Music Festival will take place July 19-21 in Union Park. While most bands haven’t been confirmed--the festival usually has over 40 artists--Pitchfork announced three headliners today: R. Kelly, Björk, and Belle and Sebastian....
R. Kelly Trial Witness Finds Peace, Returns To MusicStephanie Edwards, a singer known as “Sparkle,” was the prosecution's key witness against Kelly and the aunt the minor he allegedly videotaped during a sexual encounter.
R. Kelly Cancels Book Launch Party, TV Interviews
Bernstein: This Performer Must Play Super Bowl 2013It’s rare that a cause inspires me to add my name to an online petition.
Download The Complete List Of 2012 Grammy Nominees Now!Here are the nominations for the 2012 Grammy Awards, to air on CBS Sunday, February 12.

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