Illinois Real ID Glitch: Camera System Crashes, Leading To Long WaitsYou’ve seen the ads and warning:  Get your Real ID by October, or else you won’t be able to get on flights in the United States. 
What It Takes To Get A Real ID: 108 Minutes, And Plenty Of PatienceI like millions others across the United States needed to get a Real ID.
Real ID Turning Into Real Nightmare For People Waiting To Get The CardIllinois is not alone in struggling with Real ID. Maryland issued one million Real ID's without scanning required documents into the system. The state is now recalling each of those licenses on a rolling basis.
People Turned Away After Standing In Line To Get Real ID At Secretary Of State's OfficeAnyone planning to fly after Oct. 1, 2020, will need a Real ID, which is marked with a star. But some people trying to get them are being turned away from the Secretary of State's office. 
TSA Launches Push For People To Get REAL IDs, Which Will Be Required To Fly In October 2020The Transportation Security Administration has launched a push for people to get their new REAL ID driver’s licenses or state IDs as the deadline to get them draws near.
Real ID Required To Fly Starting October 2020Soon you won't be able to fly out of any Illinois airport unless you stop by the Secretary of State's office. Starting in October of 2020, you'll need a new "Real ID" to board any domestic flight. 
Illinois Issuing Driver's Licenses Complying With U.S. LawThe new cards will be marked with a gold star in the top right corner and will cost $30, the same as current cards.