Driver Caught By Surprise By Riverside's Overnight Parking Ban; Why Aren't There More Signs?La Shere Beason literally spun her wheels gathering evidence as she waits on the results of her fight against a common Chicago area frustration.
Suburban Overnight Parking Ban Signs Frustrate DriversOvernight parking bans in Chicago’s suburbs are hardly a new trend, but the rules still catch drivers by surprise.
Riverside Police Warn Dog Owners About Danger Of 'Zombie Raccoons' Carrying Distemper VirusPolice in west suburban Riverside are warning dog owners to be on the lookout for so-called "zombie raccoons," which have been infected with canine distemper virus, and could pose a danger to pets.
Babysitter Arrested For Abandoning 2-Year-Old Due To FrustrationPolice said the babysitter left the toddler alone after midnight after she became frustrated and went home. 
Riverside Home Intruder Scared Off By 13-Year-Old Throwing Pots And Pans At HimA masked man went into a Riverside apartment Friday and was scared away by a 13-year-old inside who threw pots and pans at him, Riverside police say. 
Man Kidnapped During Home Invasion In Riverside, Thrown From Car In ChicagoThree people broke into a home in west suburban Riverside early Friday, kidnapped a man in front of his mother and sister, and threw him out of a car as they fled from police.
Man Driving Car With Three Wheels Arrested For DUI In RiversideA North Riverside man was arrested early Thursday morning for DUI after police saw his car stopped in the middle of the road--with only three tires. 
Man Caught On Camera Trying To Steal Mail In RiversideHome surveillance video shows a man creeping into view and checking out the homeowner's mailbox around 4:45 a.m.
6 Armed Robbery Suspects Injured When Getaway Car Hits Tree In RiversideAround 9:35 p.m., a worker was servicing the ATM at the Bank of America branch at Harlem and Burlington, when he was confronted by armed robbers, according to Riverside police.
Kids Of All Ages Celebrate Independence DayIt's the perfect weather for a parade and the Chicago area has plenty of them with bands, politicians, families and fun.
Repeat Drunk Driver Arrested In Riverside Trying To Fill Gas Tank With KerosenePolice said authorities in Minnesota took Tasha Lynn Schleicher's 11 children away last year, after she was found driving drunk with five kids in the car.