Dancer Loses Thousands Of Dollars After Scammers Funnel Unemployment Funds Through Her Bank AccountA supposed video production group is targeting artists and soliciting their services. The problem is, it's not a legitimate operation, and they scammed a South Side woman out of thousands of dollars.
Stolen Social Security Numbers At The Center Of IDES Scams"It's ridiculous. You have to be by your phone. And if you are not by your phone, you have to register for another phone call."
Scammers Stole $250 From Musician's PayPal Account, But He Couldn't Get A RefundThe pandemic can particularly difficult for gig workers; even harder if a scammer drains your PayPal account.
Suburban Police Warn Against Unemployment Benefits ScamThe cards have the Illinois state insignia and are used to load unemployment benefit payments after a claim has been approved. 
Police Say Text Message Warning About Potential COVID-19 Contact Is A Scam; Expert Tips To Avoid ScammersLifestyle expert Nekia Nichelle spoke with CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot about two different apps, RoboKiller and TextKiller, that she says will keep the scammers away. 
Family Thinks Twice About Depositing Check From Scammers Claiming To Represent PurellScammers have been using the coronavirus pandemic to profit at an alarming pace. Tens of millions of dollars in fraud are on record, and one Country Club Hills family could have been the next victims of a sanitizer scam.
Gift Card Scam Leaves Mother Out $1,000 'My Kids Are Suffering'"I don't want other people to get the same way, but what they did was really wrong."
Man Trying To Buy Puppy For His Wife Falls Victim To Facebook ScamBobby Walser is out hundreds of dollars, because he and his wife haven’t seen hide nor hair of the cute puppy he bought from the same Facebook page.
CBS 2 Investigators: Employed People Getting Hit With IDES Scam To Divulge Bank InformationThey'll ask you to wire the money to an account or buy gift cards and send them the pin number.
Governor Warns Against Contact Tracing ScamsScammers are now posing as tracers to access your social security and credit card information. 
Woman Claims Scammers Stole A Check She Mailed At The Post OfficeA check for cable ended up wiping out a Chicago woman's bank account, and the scammers simply used Wite-Out.