New Phishing Scam Claims To Be From DMVAn email that looks to be from the Illinois Secretary of State's office seems like the real deal with the letterhead and the link, but it is a scam. 
Phishing Scam Claiming To Be IDES Targets Illinois Residents To Gain Access To Personal InformationEmails claiming to be from the Illinois Department of Employment Security but aren't can give thieves access to all of a person's personal information with one click.
Scammer Posing As Landlord Sought To Prey On Potential Renters To Collect Holding FeesKenya Miller thought she'd found her new home in South Holland, but she thought wrong.
Secretary Of State Warns Of Scam Websites Charging Extra Fees To Renew License PlatesThe Illinois Secretary of State is warning about a scam in which an unauthorized website is charging a bogus fee for license plate renewals. 
Woman Dead For More Than Five Years Receives IDES Debit Card Despite Family Not Returning Identity VerificationThe Illinois Department of Employment Security is investigating how one man's mother was registered as losing her job this month -- even though she died almost six years ago.
Expert Warns Against Increase In Scams Marketing COVID-19 VaccineWith more than 100 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine now administered across the United States, the opportunities for bad actors to intercept vaccines are on the rise.
Village Of Maywood Public Works Employee Charged In Attempted $10,000 ScamA Village of Maywood Public Works employee was charged in connection with a scam Wednesday. 
Oak Lawn Police Warn Of Thieves Posing As Utility WorkersA warning to suburban homeowners: Thieves are posing as village workers to get inside people's homes. T
USPS Investigates More Than $100,000 Dollars In Mailed Checks Stolen By ScammersSomewhere between dropping checks in the mail and them getting in the hands of the people they are written to, they are disappearing -- more than $100,000 worth. 
Fashion Designer Chicago Playground Accused Of Taking Payments For Clothes Through Cash App And Never Sending ThemA Chicago fashion designer’s Instagram pages have more than 20,000 followers. But several customers said that fashion designer took their money and never got them the clothes they bought.
Two Arrested In Connection With Multiple Scams By So-Called Contractors Across Chicago AreaAfter months of CBS 2 investigations into supposed contractors who take money from victim after victim without doing the job, police have caught two people in connection with the ring.