USPS Investigates More Than $100,000 Dollars In Mailed Checks Stolen By ScammersSomewhere between dropping checks in the mail and them getting in the hands of the people they are written to, they are disappearing -- more than $100,000 worth. 
Fashion Designer Chicago Playground Accused Of Taking Payments For Clothes Through Cash App And Never Sending ThemA Chicago fashion designer’s Instagram pages have more than 20,000 followers. But several customers said that fashion designer took their money and never got them the clothes they bought.
Two Arrested In Connection With Multiple Scams By So-Called Contractors Across Chicago AreaAfter months of CBS 2 investigations into supposed contractors who take money from victim after victim without doing the job, police have caught two people in connection with the ring. 
Suburban Woman Says Her Anxiety Led Her To Fall For A PayPal ScamA suburban woman said her severe anxiety caused her to panic and fall for a scam.
Scammers Rip Off $90,000 By Offering To Help Wood Dale Man Pay Off His BillsCBS 2 Morning Insider Tim McNicholas explains how the promise of a discount on utilities led to a massive mistake.
Exclusive: Dozens Of Unemployment Debit Cards Land In One Man's MailboxWith the new year come new scams, and those trying to pull one over on the state unemployment system are getting bolder. They're trying to pocket benefits from people by the dozens. 
Be Wary Of Gift Card Scams As You Start Your Holiday Shopping; Legitimate Sellers Will Never Demand Gift CardsThe Federal Trade Commission says gift cards are a popular tool for scammers, because once someone spends the money on a card, you're probably not getting it back.
Sheriff Warns Against Phone Scammers Pretending To Be Lake County SergeantThe Lake County Illinois Sheriff's Office is warning of a scam that sounds like a real phone call from the police. 
Business Owner Said Hacker Stole Her Credit Card Reward Points In A Growing ScamHave you checked your travel rewards or credit card points?
Dancer Loses Thousands Of Dollars After Scammers Funnel Unemployment Funds Through Her Bank AccountA supposed video production group is targeting artists and soliciting their services. The problem is, it's not a legitimate operation, and they scammed a South Side woman out of thousands of dollars.
Stolen Social Security Numbers At The Center Of IDES Scams"It's ridiculous. You have to be by your phone. And if you are not by your phone, you have to register for another phone call."