Chicago Psychologist Sees The Whole PictureNeuropsychological evaluations are like solving the pieces to a puzzle, Sayaka Machizawa's background in sleuthing has lead her to interact as a consultant and a psychologist for airplane pilots.
Insurance To Publishing, Chicago Lawyer Takes The Leap Of FaithWhen Jennifer Schaller made the jump from the vice president of Aon to finishing law school, she knew what she was doing.
Program Director Encourages Multiculturalism In Chicago EducationBecoming bilingual and working in Mexico helped open Aurora Reinke's mind to multicultural job opportunities, but it was a trip to Paris and London that initiated her interest in international careers.
Male Nurse In Chicago Fights For Health Profession During Jim Crow ObstaclesThe Census reports that in 2011 there were 3.5 million employed nurses in 2011, about 3.2 million of whom were female and 330,000 male..
Chicago Professor Chooses Teaching Over Accounting And Legal AccomplishmentsWhile pursuing a career in politics, lawyer and CPA Linnae Bryant found out she enjoyed teaching at Chicago State University far more than she expected to.
Chicago IT Consultant Explains Why Traditional Education MattersInformation Security Analysts, one of the top jobs for 2015, may not be required to have traditional education, however Maharshi Dave still believes that formal education matters for IT professionals to get ahead.
Chicago Psychologist Set On Helping Her CommunityDr. Kimberly Martin started out wanting to own her own business, but a mandatory course in psychology made her realize she had another calling.
Chicago Lawyer Reminds Attorneys To Do Pro Bono Work For Those In NeedLaw school can burn $42,000 through a student's purse. But after passing the bar, lawyers may be able to pay that loan back quicker.
Business Management Professional Predicts Big Data For Future Hot JobsBig data jobs are continuing to pop up on job boards. Find out what it'll take to crack into this market and why one business management professional believes job applicants should be gunning for these carer roles.
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Educator Teaches Chicago Students The Language Of The Nursing IndustryFind out why she's more satisfied with being a nursing educator than being a nurse.
Chicago Business Management Degree Owner Opts For Career In EducationCommon jobs for a business management degree recipient include human resource management, accounting, marketing and entrepreneurial roles.
Business Management Coach In Chicago Emphasizes Soft SkillsThanks to Brenda Ellington Booth's boss at HBO believing in her educational and professional goals, she was able to get a master's and a PhD.
Information Security Analysts Are In High Demand In ChicagoWith hackers repeatedly gunning for small businesses, information security analysts jobs are becoming more attractive for students and higher in demand for job seekers.
Chicago Case Manager Uses Degree To Help Mentally Ill ChildrenSarah Vitzthum recently celebrated her seventh year with Children's Home + Aid, and continues to gain experience by getting her master's degree.