Coast-To-Coast Eclipse Gives Scientists Rare Chance To Study The SunThe city of Carbondale is the ideal viewing site for the eclipse, as it's the location where the total eclipse will last longest.
Adler Planetarium Hosting Big Block Party To Watch The Solar EclipseThe Adler Planetarium said Monday’s eclipse is their Super Bowl, and who watches the Super Bowl alone?
Chicagoans Board Amtrak's Eclipse Express To See Total Eclipse In CarbondaleThe last time there was a total solar eclipse visible coast-to-coast in the U.S. was 1918, which might explain the hype for Monday’s eclipse
Without Reliable Glasses, School Switches Up Plans To Watch EclipseArgo High School teachers will be able to show students a live stream of the eclipse in their classrooms.
Elgin Planetarium Helps U-46 Teachers Prepare For Solar EclipseTeachers in U-46 were schooled on everything from safety precautions to making homemade eclipse viewing devices.
Plan To Watch Monday's Eclipse? Beware Of Solar Filter ScamsAccording to the Illinois Attorney General’s office, fake eclipse glasses have flooded the market, and using them could result in eye damage
Planetarium's Eclipse Glasses Giveaway Brings Thousands To Daley PlazaThe Adler Planetarium was hosting another giveaway Thursday afternoon in Grant Park.
Carbondale, IL Planning For Massive Eclipse Crowd50-60,000 people are expected to watch the solar eclipse from Carbondale, which is the closest location from Chicago for optimal viewing.
Total Solar Eclipse Glasses Continue To Fly Off The ShelvesPrepare yourself for the total solar eclipse with a pair of protective solar viewing glasses.
Opthalmology Doctor Warns Of The Dangers Of Staring At The Solar EclipseWhile the sun may be difficult to spot on Friday, an eye expert warns of the danger of staring at it for too long during the eclipse later this month.
Total Eclipse To Make Tiny Illinois Village Feel Like Center Of The UniverseMakanda, a village of about 600 people, is expecting nearly 200,000 people to visit the area on Aug. 21 for the total solar eclipse.