Boeing 737 Max Planes Grounded In United StatesAll Boeing 737 Maxes have been grounded in the United States after days of carriers' insistence that they're just fine. 
Southwest Allows Customers With Upcoming 737 Max 8 Flights To RebookThe United States is one place you'll still find Boeing's 737 Max 8 planes in service even with flight attendants, ground crews and the unions that represent them urging otherwise. 
Chicagoans Serenade Airline Passengers With Mariachi MusicThey got a round of applause, and a thank you from the pilot.
Flights Getting Lighter, But Not To The Benefit Of PassengersSkyrocketing fuel costs are prompting airlines to make small changes to lighten planes, but the changes aren't doing much to enhance passengers' comfort. 
Southwest Flight Diverted To Cleveland For Cracked WindowA Southwest Airlines flight heading from Chicago to Newark was diverted to Cleveland on Wednesday, after a window cracked on the plane.
29 Southwest Flights Cancelled At Midway AirportSouthwest Airlines is cancelling dozens of flights nationwide Monday for mandatory FAA inspections.
Southwest Flight To Chicago Delayed Due To Technical DifficultiesThe pilots reported an issue with the aircraft’s auxiliary power unit.
"I Felt A Calling To Do Something", Firefighter On Southwest Plane Praised For Helping PassengerTexas Firefighter, Andrew Needum, was on the plane that had to make an emergency landing after a Southwest plane's engine exploded, killing one passenger on board. “I felt a calling to get up and do something, to stand up and act,” says Needum.
Investigation Continues In Southwest Flight ExplosionFederal investigators say the engine blade that broke off and triggered a deadly accident on Flight 1380 Tuesday had microscopic cracks.
Southwest Pilot Credited For Saving LivesDespite one death, the pilot is being credited with saving the lives of the others on board, managing an emergency landing in Philadelphia.
Investigation Continues For Southwest Engine ExplosionThe investigation continues as to what caused the engine to explode on a Southwest Airlines jet yesterday that killed one passenger.