Cook County Sweetened Beverage Tax Begins After Court DelayThe penny-per-ounce tax means a two-liter bottle of soda will cost 67 extra cents, and a 12-pack of 12-ounce cans will cost an extra $1.44.
Retail Merchants Association Files Soda Tax AppealRetail merchants filed court paperwork late Tuesday afternoon asking for delay in implementation of Cook County soda pop tax.
Cook County's Soda Tax To Begin WednesdayBarring a last minute change, Cook County's sweetened beverage tax will go into effect on Wednesday.
Border Suburbs Worried About Looming Impact Of Cook County Soda TaxWith two days until Cook County’s new tax on sweetened beverages begins, border suburbs have been left wondering what impact it will have.
Judge Lifts Injunction Blocking Cook County Soda TaxA judge has lifted an injunction on Cook County’s sweetened beverage tax, allowing the county to begin collecting it as soon as it wishes.
Sheriff Dart: Preckwinkle's Layoff Plan "Beyond Reckless"“This is just not a way to run any government,” Dart said. “Eviscerating this office is not a way thoughtful people proceed.”
Preckwinkle Dismisses Commissioners' Idea To Avoid Layoffs After Soda Tax BlockedA trio of Cook County commissioners proposed forming a working group to cut the budget without mass layoffs while the soda tax is on hold.
Cook County Board Approves Proposed Sugary Beverages TaxA penny-an-ounce tax on sugary and artificially sweetened drinks has been adopted by the Cook County Board of Commissioners in Chicago.
Cook County To Vote On Sugary Drink TaxThe most controversial issue at the moment in Cook County politics is not even something on which you can vote Tuesday.
Opponents Swarm County Hearing On Sugary Drink TaxThe tax would add 72 cents to a six-pack of soda and 68 cents to a 2-liter bottle.