2 Investigators: State Police Retirees Draw Six-Figure PensionsRetire at 50 and collect more than $100,000 a year – that’s the plan for a special group of state workers. CBS 2's Pam Zekman reports.
Walter's Perspective: Obama's Voting Stunt An Expensive OneIt was a good photo opportunity: President Obama returning to his hometown to cast an early ballot. CBS 2's Walter Jacobson has a problem with it, though.
Business Interests To Pay For Lost Parking Meter Revenue At NATO SummitBusiness interests that pledged money to cover the costs of the NATO Summit are going to have to pay the Chicago's parking meter lease company.
Emanuel Insists Taxpayers Won't Pay For NATO SummitMayor Rahm Emanuel is reassuring Chicago taxpayers that they won't be stuck with the bill for all the activity, security and disruptions that will occur around the NATO Summit the weekend of May 19.
Report Claims Illinois Has Lost $26 Billion In Taxable Income Since 1995A conservative think tank says the population exodus from Illinois to other states since the mid-1990s has cost the state $26 billion in taxable income.
State Education Department Employees Awarded Back Travel PayIllinois taxpayers could find themselves on the hook for the hours that state education employees spent traveling.
Emanuel: Better Use Of City's Grant Money Could Save Taxpayers $20MMayor Rahm Emanuel is announcing budget reforms that will ensure federal and state grants are spent in full, and thus, taxpayers are saved money.
Watchdog: State Lawmakers' Commutes Cost Taxpayers MillionsThe Illinois Policy Institute, a government watchdog group, says Illinois state legislators could save the taxpayers lots of money on their personal expenses.
Report: Severance For School Superintendents Costing MillionsBig severance packages paid to school superintendents have cost Illinois taxpayers millions of dollars over the last decade, according to a published report.
Cook County Taxpayers May Be On Hook For $108 Billion In DebtA report from Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas claims taxpayers countywide are on the hook for more than $108 billion in debt accrued by various government agencies.
Report: Wrongful Convictions Cost Taxpayers A FortuneWrongful convictions not only cost prisoners their lives, but also cost taxpayers a fortune, according to a new investigation.