University Park Residents Prepare Thanksgiving Dinner With Bottled Water After Months Of Lead WorriesImagine preparing Thanksgiving dinner with bottled water because you don't trust your tap. In University Park, that is the reality.
Chicago IG Report: Thousands Of Backlogged Complaints On Chicago Buildings, PropertiesYou might remember a CBS 2 report on one of the most blighted blocks in the city at 71st and Champlain. In at least one case, the city did write code violations to an owner, but some of the problems persisted for months.
Fraudsters Cost Her $6,500, And She Had To Hire Computer Expert To Prove It To Bank Of AmericaSomeone got into Julie Poncela's bank account, and used the electronic payment service Zelle to send money to people she didn't know over the course of a few days; three transactions totaling $6,500.
Bug Infestation Drove Lansing Woman Up The Wall, But Landlord's Efforts To Fix It Fell ShortAn apartment in south suburban Lansing has been overrun by pests, but the tenant says it’s not her fault.
Wild Waves Threaten Indiana Dunes In Portage"It could undermine the foundation of this building and that would be catastrophic."
Another Visit To The Troubled Homewood Memorial Gardens Cemetery, And Attention From The Cook County Sheriff's OfficeThe Morning Insiders are pushing for answers about a troubled cemetery in the south suburbs.
A Way To Beautify Abandoned Buildings, And A Call To ActionSome buildings in the Chatham community sit abandoned, but some colorful paint has made all the difference.
City-Owned Lot Was Left In Shambles On Blighted South Side BlockThe 7100 block of South Champlain Avenue is burdened by blight -- it has racked up more 311 complaints for abandoned buildings than any other block in the city over the past year and a half.
South Side Block Plagued By Problem Properties Despite 311 ComplaintsWhen it comes to abandoned buildings, the 7100 block of South Champlain Avenue in the Park Manor community is about as bad as it gets – racking up more 311 complaints for abandoned properties than any other in the city over the past year and a half.
Apple Devices Without Latest Updates May Be Vulnerable To Hackers -- And Not All Devices Can Receive UpdatesDo you have the latest updates on Apple? If not, the federal government says you could be opening yourself up to hackers.
Gang Members Try To Join Watch Group Days Before Neighborhood TaggingsNow Jorge Muralles is warning others to be vigilant about who they allow into their online block clubs.