Patients Left With A Lot Of Questions After Center For Covid Control Testing Sites Temporarily Shut Down, State Investigates ComplaintsDozens of COVID-19 testing sites in the Chicago area are closed this week, as state investigators look into complaints about the conditions inside and confusion over results.
Some Doctors At Chicago Area Hospitals Are Optimistic About What Look Like Downward COVID-19 TrendlinesWhile we still see a stunning number of new COVID cases every day in Illinois, some on the front line are seeing a trend they call "very encouraging."
'This Is Not Chicago,' New York City Mayor Eric Adams Said This Week On Discussions With Teachers' Union On COVID-19 Safety, Remote LearningRecently-inaugurated New York City Mayor Eric Adams took a shot at Chicago this week as he addressed discussions with the city's teachers' union on remote learning and COVID-19 protocols.
U.S. Supreme Court Blocks Biden Administration's Vaccine-Or-Test Rule For Businesses -- What Does This Mean For You And Your Workplace?The U.S. Supreme Court has had its say on the reach of two COVID-19 vaccine mandates from the Biden administration. What does it mean for you and your workplace?
'It Is Not OK To Defy The Order,' Top Cook County Doc Says As Some Suburbs Choose Not To Enforce COVID-19 Proof Of Vaccination MandateWe are 10 days into the new COVID-19 vaccine mandate rules for many indoor businesses in Chicago and Cook County – and the county as of Thursday had yet to cite a single business for violating the rules.
South Side Pastor Thinks Outside The Box To Increase COVID-19 Vaccination RatesIf you’re not vaccinated against COVID-19 by now, you never will be, right? Wrong. Not if you ask a South Side pastor who is thinking outside the box to drive up vaccination rates.
Nurses In Chicago And Beyond To Hold Day Of Action, Call For Safe Staffing Levels And Protections Amid COVID-19 SurgeSome Chicago nurses say they will unit Thursday for a day of action to keep them, and you, safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Aurora Police Officer Brian Shields Dies Of COVID-19 At 51Aurora police Officer Brian Shields died of COVID-19 complications this week, according to the department.
26 Citations Have Been Issued To 13 Chicago Businesses For Violating COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate -- How Does Enforcement Work?The city’s new proof of COVID-19 vaccination mandate for restaurants, gyms, and certain entertainment venues has resulted in 26 citations in a period of a week and a half.
Illinois Deploying More Than 2,000 Healthcare Workers To Help Staff Overworked Hospitals; Top Doctor Says 'It's Too Soon To Tell' If Latest COVID Surge Has Peaked“With unprecedented numbers of patients being hospitalized, we must do all that we can to keep our healthcare workers and institutions operating and available to all who need medical assistance," Pritzker said.
HelloBaby, West Woodlawn Nonprofit Children's Play Center, Makes Difficult Decision To Shut Down Due To COVID-19A South Side nonprofit made the tough choice to shut down its children’s center this week, leaving many families disappointed.