Facebook, Twitter Chiefs Face Lawmakers Amid Election Security ConcernsCongress has sharply criticized the social media companies over the last year as it has become clear that they were at the forefront of Russia's interference in the 2016 elections.
Beach Or Door? Internet Losing Its Mind Once Again Over New PhotoMove over blue or gold dress, take a seat Laurel and Yanny, there’s a new social media controversy taking the internet by storm.
Elon Musk May Have Violated Labor Laws With A TweetMusk announced last week that he was dropping his plans to take Tesla private. 
Ivanka Trump Faces Social Media Blowback For Tweet On Jacksonville ShootingPresident Trump's eldest daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump received a rash of criticism from social media users after she posted a message of sympathy to those impacted by a mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, on Sunday.
DNC Serves WikiLeaks With Lawsuit Via TwitterThe Democratic National Committee on Friday officially served its lawsuit to WikiLeaks via Twitter, employing a rare method to serve its suit to the elusive group that has thus far been unresponsive.
Woman's Mugshot Goes Viral, Leads To Requests For Makeup AdviceA Texas teen's mugshot has unexpectedly launched her career giving makeup advice.
Twitter CEO Defends Decision Not To Ban Alex Jones And InfowarsTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey has doubled down on defending his company's decision not to kick far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones off its platform.
President Urged To Stop Tweeting On Trump Tower MeetingThe President was advised that his tweeting only gives oxygen to the topic, even if those around Trump do not believe there is any truly new development.
Musician Removed From American Airlines Flight After Buying Extra Seat For CelloA Chicago musician traveling with her cello was removed from an American Airlines flight in Miami as she tried to return home
Roseanne Barr On Racist Tweet: 'I Wish I Worded It Better'She said she would tell Valerie Jarrett "I'm sorry that you feel harm and hurt, I never meant that. I never meant to hurt anybody."
Twitter: It Doesn't 'Shadow Ban' After Trump TweetTwitter said it was aware that some accounts were not automatically populating but that was due to a bug they are working to fix.
Trump Warns Iran's President In All-Caps Tweet To Stop Threatening U.S.President Trump warned Iranian President Hassan Rouhani early Monday that he will face dire consequences for threatening the United States.
Twitter Suspended 58 Million Accounts In Final Months Of 2017Twitter suspended at least 58 million user accounts in the final three months of 2017, according to data obtained by The Associated Press.
Report: Twitter Suspending Fake Accounts At Rate That Could Risk User GrowthA new report says Twitter is stepping up its fight against disinformation on its platform at a rate that could put user growth at risk.
Passenger Unintentionally Pairs Strangers On Flight, Documents Budding Romance On TwitterAn Alaska Airlines flight from New York City to Dallas turned into a potential screenplay thanks to a Twitter user who captured a real-life romance between two passengers.