Suburban Police Warn Against Unemployment Benefits ScamThe cards have the Illinois state insignia and are used to load unemployment benefit payments after a claim has been approved. 
Protesting IDES Delays Works For Chicago Woman Outside Pilsen Unemployment Office"I haven't received any communication about a check."
IDES Woes Continue To Plague The Unemployed; 'It's Frustrating'"Over a thousand times. It's frustrating. Meanwhile the bills are coming in. I've got to have money to pay those bills. It's just nerve racking."
Unemployed Chicagoan Records Calls To IDES Showing Frustration Just To Get Through"I'm going to stream this to make it a bit lighthearted to poke fun at how ridiculous the situation is for me, and for countless other people."
Attorney Answers Unemployment Questions As Businesses Reopen, Benefits Set To ExpireWe're getting answers to your unemployment questions as CBS 2 continues Working For Chicago. 
CBS 2 Investigators: Employed People Getting Hit With IDES Scam To Divulge Bank InformationThey'll ask you to wire the money to an account or buy gift cards and send them the pin number.
Despite Reopening Efforts, Chicagoans Still Struggle To Get Work, Unemployment Benefits"It's still difficult to get through and the websites don't work."
What You Need To Know If Your Unemployment Benefits Are Running Out, ExpiredAre your unemployment benefits about to run out or already expired?
Stay-At-Home Order Presents New Challenges For People With Special NeedsThe stay-at-home order is hard on everyone, but for families who have children with special needs, quarantine presents special challenges.
Some Unimpressed With System On First Day Illinois Gig Workers Get To File For Unemployment BenefitsOn Monday, members of the so-called gig economy were finally able to file for unemployment benefits.
Gig Workers Now Eligible To Apply For Unemployment BenefitsGig workers in Illinois will be eligible to apply for unemployment benefits starting Monday. 
'Why Does The Burden Fall On Us?' No Easy Answers For Those Waiting For Unemployment Benefits"Why does the burden fall on us? We didn't do anything wrong. Why is it our job to sit and call for eight hours straight."
Some Waiting For COVID-19 Benefits Pay A 'Penalty' That's Delaying Payments"I'm a server, not a millionaire. So my funds are low to begin with."
Waiting For Answers As To Why Unemployment Benefits Aren't Getting To Every Applicant"I have a life. I have bills to pay. I'm stuck. I’m really stuck."
Gig Workers Can Get Unemployment Benefits Starting Monday. Here's How To Apply