Bernstein: Stupid Bears Got ConnedThis is bad for the Bears, casting a pall of doubt and distrust over every level of ownership and management, just at the time new energy from the very top spurred the kind of regime change that inspired fans to embrace some hope.
Baffoe: McCaskey Not As Easy To Doubt After Pace HireThe hiring of Ryan Pace as GM marks a big step for the Bears franchise.
Emma: 'Pissed-Off' McCaskeys Bring End To Bears' Dysfunction"We're fed up with mediocrity," Bears chairman George McCaskey said Monday.
Bears Ownership 'Pissed Off,' Changing Leadership"She's pissed off," George McCaskey said of mother Virginia. "We're fed up with mediocrity."
Bernstein: Virginia McCaskey Spurred Bears' ActionSwift action ensued after the teams matriarch made her feelings known.
Baffoe: Can The Bears Have Sustained Success?It does at least look—and forgive me for sounding Wannstedtian here—like the pieces are in place, or will be when a head coach is hired, to become an organization like the Packers and Patriots.
Silverman: Bears, Texans Reaping Rewards Of Owners' PatienceIt’s no secret that sports fans lack patience and that it’s almost always about winning now – except when you are talking about the Chicago Cubs.
Bernstein: Just Name Lovie GM, AlreadyYou can’t simultaneously hire a real general manager and reaffirm the alpha-dog status of your head coach. Not possible.
Wisch: What You Might Not Know About The McCaskeys (And The NFL)It was a great season for the Chicago Bears, but a sad week for the family that owns the legendary NFL franchise – and not because it isn’t able to root on Chicago’s favorite team this weekend in Super Bowl XLV.
According to Forbes, Bears are 'financial flatliners'