National Conservation Leader: Asian Carp Plan Needs Illinois SupportThe president of the National Wildlife Federation hopes Illinois and its chief executive will get behind a federal plan to keep Asian Carp from reaching Lake Michigan.
Thousands Of Sandhill Cranes Flock To NWIAn estimated 12,000 Sandhill cranes had their stop over floating into a huge field called the goose pasture.
Suburban Motorist Finds Bald Eagle On Side Of RoadJane Nix of Olympia Fields was on Central Avenue passing the Forest Preserve near Oak Forest when she saw the bald eagle by the side of the road. He allowed her to approach.
Lake County Biologists Say Re-Introduced Frog Species Appears To Be Doing WellThis is the start of wildlife monitoring season in the Lake County Forest Preserves and so far biologists near Libertyville have discovered some signs that a re-introduced species may be doing all right.
Wilderness Group Working To Improve Populations, Habitats Of 12 Species In Lake Michigan Region Chicago Wilderness, an alliance of more than 200 forest preserve districts…zoos…environmental groups and other groups, has begun an effort to try to improve the populations and habitats of 12 species in the Lake Michigan region over the next five years.
America's Top 5 Must-Visit AquariumsWant to explore the ocean's depths while staying on dry land? Visit 5 of the most must-visit aquariums in the U.S. according to Sy Montgomery, author of, "The Soul Of An Octopus: A Surprising Exploration Into The Wonder Of Consciousness."
Timber Wolf Found Dead Along Road Near Morris, Ill.Last year, Illinois had a wandering black bear and this year, a wandering wolf, which wasn't as lucky on his Prairie State tour.
Lincoln Park Zoo Asks For Help From Chicagoans To Catalog Native WildlifeThere more to urban life than pigeons and dog, and the Lincoln Park Zoo is enlisting Chicagoans to sort through thousands of pictures to see what's around and how they can coexist with people.
Chicago Area Wildlife Showing Signs Of Spring Despite Cold Temps Morning thermometers read 20 degrees but the calendar said spring for some early risers, reports WBBM’s John Cody.
Police: Man Sold Indiana Wildlife To Chicago RestaurantsA Chicago man has been accused of funneling Indiana wildlife into Chinatown dinners. WBBM’s John Cody has more.
Some Wildlife Can Handle Cold, Some Can'tSome animals suffer, while some persevere, as cold hits wildlife as well as the rest of us around Chicago.