Fashion sense is unfortunately not all that common. But there are some individuals out there with great fashion sense who absolutely love sharing it. Jess Keys of The Golden Girl blog is one of those swanky few. Her Chicago-based blog, named for her love of everything and anything that’s gold-tone, covers an array of topics from food, crafts, decor, travel, fashion and whatever else that has ignited the spark in her eyes as of late. Come see what style trends The Golden Girl is passionate about right now, and you might just end up looking great in the process.

Jess Keys (Photo Credit:

Jess Keys (Photo Credit:

Jess Keys
The Golden Girl

Someone who has been interested in style her entire life, Keys describes herself as a creative person, and her clothing is one way to express her creativity. Being a Chicagoan allows for endless options regarding that sort of savvy. “One thing I love most about living in Chicago is that people don’t take fashion too terribly seriously. Chicagoans wear what they like, and I respect that.”

With summer on the way, Chicagoans are buzzing to find that inspiration for some great warm-weather looks. “There are a lot of trends out there that really aren’t very attainable or wearable in everyday life, however, these five are very easy to integrate into your wardrobe,” to which Keys then adds: “I can’t get enough of them!” So get ready; here are some of the top summer fashion trends for 2016 in Chicago.

Lace-up Flats And Heels

Women have a hard time with choosing what to wear on their feet because there are so many choices, maybe even too many, at times. But The Golden Girl has already got some tips for summer 2016 footwear: “I already own several pairs of lace-ups. I used to loathe ballet flats, but for some reason, when you add laces, they become so chic! They just add a little something extra to every outfit.”


There’s never a better time than summer to have a little fun, and what can be more fun than tassels? “Tassels seem to be absolutely everywhere lately, especially on shoes and accessories.” remarked Keys. “They’re really fun for spring and summer, especially for festival season.”

Off-The-Shoulder Tops And Dresses

As the temps start heating up, why not show off a little extra skin? “This is something we saw a lot of last year, as well, but even more so this spring. There are the traditional off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, and a lot of the peek a boo shoulders too.” So why not grab a cute off-the-shoulder piece to wear to all your outings this year?

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To some, ruffles are reminiscent of an earlier, more proper era, but they’ve also managed to transcend the years and are just as well-loved today. “I love that ruffles are so popular right now. My style tends to veer toward classic and feminine, so naturally, this trend is right up my alley!”

Bold Stripes

Always wearing solids and little flower patterns together can get boring, so be spunky this summer, and don’t forget the stripes! “Stripes will always be a thing of mine; I’ll take them in any form! I love how they’re really going passed the classic horizontal stripe and getting more colorful, bold and playful this year.”

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