“When you buy a car, make sure it has all the features that you desire. You’re going to be stuck with it for a while.”

The Ride
The Driver: Cory
Vehicle in Question: 2000 Dodge Neon
Spotted at: South Shore Cultural Center, 7059 S. Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60649
Odometer: 168, 958
Car’s Nickname: Cor Cor


Q: Hi, Cory. I have to start by asking about your licence plate. What does “CORCOR B” mean?

A: Cor Cor is actually my nickname. I don’t remember who first called me that but it’s stuck ever since childhood. And the B stands for the first initial of my last name.

Q: Now let’s get down to business. How did you come about this car?

A: From 2006-2010, I worked five days a week after school assisting the driver’s education program with processing payments and other office activities. I saved the majority of the money I made from working there. Finally at the beginning of senior year, I went up north and paid cash for this car!

Q: Out of all the cars you looked at, what exactly attracted you to this car?

A: My mom always told me that when you buy a car, make sure it has all the features that you desire because once you’ve bought it, you’re going to be stuck with it for a while, which I thought was great advice. I spent a lot of time looking for the car I felt would fit me best.

Q: You’re right, that was great advice. So when you walked into the dealership, what were the features you noticed that made you say, this is the car for me?

A: The first thing that caught my attention was the color. I really like the gold color. When I was still deciding on which car I wanted, I knew that I didn’t want to have one with the standard black, gray or white color. I also was attracted to the interior, which is all black. I also liked the fact that it had a custom radio, which is nice since I like listening to a lot of music.

Q: What about the tinted windows, did that come with the car also?

A: No, right after I bought the car, I paid to have them tinted. I personally think having my windows tinted made the car look newer and overall more attractive!

Photos and interview by Nicolette Chambers

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