Meet The Meat Stanley Cup From ‘Man B Que’

July 3, 2013 2:36 PM

(Photo Credit: John “Death Toll” Scholl /

(Photo Credit: John “Death Toll” Scholl /

By Mason Johnson

Everyone needs a purpose in life. Man B Que‘s purpose? Meat, beer and rock and roll.

It’s nice to meet individuals who’ve got their priorities straight.

Man B Que knew there was only one way to celebrate the Blackhawks defeating the Bruins. Sure, you could celebrate by going to the parade, or buying a jersey, but those two examples don’t exactly show real dedication. What does?

Meat Cup.

Man B Que, in all their wondrous glory, created a Stanley Cup replica. Out of meat.

Yes, that’s right, the Meat Stanley Cup is 35 pounds of bacon, ground beef, hot dogs, and, to top it all off, beer cheese.

Have you ever seen anything more majestic?

For the few of you out there scoffing at the Meat Cup, for those of you who who don’t believe in the Meat Cup’s powers, listen closely: the Meat Cup allowed Man B Que member Jesse Valenciana to meet Blackhawks Coach Joel “Q” Quenneville and Blackhawks Chairman Rocky Wirtz on Windy City Live.

What was the last thing you did that warranted a meeting with a championship winning team’s coach?

Your silence speaks volumes.

See how the Meat Stanley Cup was constructed in our photo gallery.

Watch the video of the Meat Stanley Cup on Windy City Live here.

Mason Johnson, CBS Chicago

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