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By Amanda Look

You can wear them oversized, fitted or cropped. With shades, belted, or just with your favorite pair of jeans – we are talking about Style Icon Keira Knightly’s on-trend Military Jacket ensemble! We don’t mean true bejeweled, Michael Jackson-inspired jackets – like the style of the M-1943 field jackets worn by the troops in the Second World War. The design has inspired generations of apparel, and the clothing worn by celebs today is no exception. Open any magazine and see style icons like Alexa Chung, Kelly Osborne, and my personal celebrity-style-crush, Rachel Bilson, sporting the look. So attention, style soldiers! I’ve found this season’s top military jackets for you.

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J Crew takes a fun approach to the traditional military jacket this year, with a paint splattered dark gray jacket. Its snap buttons and square pockets pull the jacket together perfectly. And the best part? Each jacket is hand painted individually by J Crews designers, so your jacket is guaranteed to be one of a kind!

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Of course Forever 21 carries so many of this season’s on-trend jackets! They’ve designed this traditional hunter green jacket with the customary cargo pockets. In lieu of an official name plate, they’ve added cute bronze studs. But even without a name plate you’ll easily command attention in this jacket. Pick it up today for $39.80.

(credit: TopShop.com)

Hours: Mon – Sat 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.; Sun 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Check out TopShop’s military-inspired belted coat for $178. The faux brown leather trim around the coat, belt, and pockets gives the piece a heavy look without appearing bulky or adding actual weight. Its vintage-style bronze buttons (with four little daggers) are playful and certainly distinctive. And with its wool blend it’ll keep you cozy all winter long.

(credit: Zara.com)

Attention, soldiers! Zara is offering two military-inspired looks this season: the double-breasted military coat ($189) and a blue military style shirt ($35.90). The shirt is a cross between Boy Scout and soldier, with badges that read “Cub Scouts B.S.A.” The sleeves roll up and are held in place with a button, which definitely adds to the look. Zara’s distinguished black coat has a sharp, straight collar, gold double-breasted buttons, and shoulder straps that give it a polished, authoritative look.

Amanda Look lives in Chicago and works for an academic association doing event coordination. She is a lover of all things Chicago and blogs about the city’s shopping and nightlife.