Ald. Joe Moreno Charged With Filing False Police Report
A judge granted Moreno a $10,000 i-bond Wednesday, meaning he was released from custody, and would only have to pay bail if he misses a future required court date.

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Funeral For Murdered Chicago Pregnant WomanFuneral arrangements have been made for Marlen Ochoa.
First Measles Case ReportedA case of measles has been reported in the City of Chicago.
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Missing Persons Day At Cook County Medical Examiner's Office Gives Hope To FamiliesSeveral Chicago families are finding renewed hope after years of trying to locate missing family members. The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office's Missing Persons Day works to connect those families with resources that may make a difference.
Kids Drive Off-Road Vehicles Down Dan Ryan ExpresswayOmar Orozco couldn’t believe his eyes: three kids in two off-road vehicles going down the Dan Ryan Expressway at about 60 mph.Orozco was driving home to Lansing around midnight Friday night when he spotted the two vehicles in the southbound lanes near the Garfield exit.
City Announces First Case Of Measles This YearCity officials have announced the first confirmed measles case in Chicago this year. Now, officials are looking for people who may have been exposed. 
Summer Recipes: Take Your Kids On Global Cultural Experience From The KitchenWe're just a few weeks away from summer vacation, and if you're staying local for the next few months, you can still enjoy some global-inspired cuisine and help your kids learn more about other cultures. Lifestyle expert Emily Dingmann has some kid-friendly ideas.
Ed’s Driveway: BMW X4 M40iEd Curran test drives the BMW X4 M40i, a high-performance crossover.
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Shooting Near Ball State University Leaves 7 WoundedSeven people have been wounded in a shooting near the campus of Ball State University in central Indiana.
Timmothy Pitzen's Family Still Hopeful He's AliveTimmothy Pitzen has been missing for more than eight years, but his father is still confident the boy who would now be 14 will be found someday.
State Rep. Steve Reick Admits Drinking Too Much Night Of DUI ArrestWhen Illinois State Rep. Steve Reick (R-Woodtock) was pulled over in Springfield earlier this month, he admitted right off the bat he had one too many drinks that night.
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'A Loss For The City,' Beloved Sculptures At Columbia College DestroyedThe beloved sculptures of three wolves on the Columbia College campus replaced by piles of dirt and twisted metal, after they were bulldozed without warning.
'It's Painful,' Marlen Ochoa's Family Seek Answers, Plans To Meet With Hospital StaffMarlen Ochoa’s family said they are outraged and hurt. A picture circulating on social media shows one of the suspects, Piotr Bobak, holding baby yavani, all while Ochoa’s remains were behind Figeuroa's house.
The Alleged Killer's Daughters Speak Out After Marlen Ochoa's MurderScared to show their faces or reveal their names, the adult-twin daughters of Clarisa Figueroa describe the horror after learning, that their mother and half sister, Desiree, allegedly murdered a woman, took her baby and tried to pass it off as their brother.
Family, Friends Of Marlen Ochoa Face Accused Killers In First Court AppearanceIt was a sad day in court for family and friends of 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa.
New Action Now That Measles On The Rise Across The CountryAs of May 10, there have been 839 cases of measles this year, including seven cases in Illinois.

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