The new treatment in dogs just might lead to a treatment for humans with the same illness. CBS News' Kiran Dhillon introduces us to one four-legged friend taking part in the study.

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Could Brain cancer Treatment In Dogs Help Humans?The new treatment in dogs just might lead to a treatment for humans with the same illness. CBS News' Kiran Dhillon introduces us to one four-legged friend taking part in the study.
New Study: Women With Early Stage Breast Cancer Can Skip ChemoThousands of women are reacting to new evidence that could change their treatment for breast cancer. A landmark study out of Chicago found most women in the early stages of the disease can safely skip chemotherapy.
Taking Pricey Prostate Cancer Drug With Food Might Boost Effects, Cut CostsOne of the standard medications to treat prostate cancer can cost $10,000 a month, but now researchers in Chicago have come up with a creative way to get a maximum benefit from the drug by combining a lower dose with food. CBS 2's Irika Sargent reports.
Doctor Carries Message On His Back To Help Prevent Colon CancerCBS 2's Jeremy Ross reports.
"Fashion For A Cause" at the Godfrey HotelCBS 2's Marissa Bailey speaks with Berny Martin, Founder of Midwest Fashion Week about the Fashion For A Cause event and how it got started. Tickets can be purchased here,, Part of the proceeds benefit the Lynn Sage Foundation,
Breast Cancer Awareness With Dr. Laura FarringtonCBS 2's Marissa Bailey reports.
Ovarian Cancer Interview and a Tealight Festival to Raise AwarenessCBS 2's Marissa Bailey sits with Liz Cory, from the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition with information on anew campaign to raise awareness. For more information on ovarian cancer and the tealight festival, visit
Gilda's Club Chicago Hosting 9th Annual Gildapalooza Cancer FundraiserMore than 1 million people in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer each year. It's a disease that affects most of us, whether we're fighting it ourselves, or supporting a loved one. This week, Gilda's Club Chicago will hold its annual Gildapalooza fundraiser to help those impacted by cancer.
Good News For Coffee Lovers, WHO Lifts WarningCBS 2's Vince Gerasole reports
Electrode Cap Helping Keep Man’s Brain Tumor At BayIn this Original Report, CBS 2's Mai Martinez talks to the man who says it's given him a new lease on life.
Dozens Shave Their Heads To Raise Money To Fight CancerCBS 2's Mai Martinez reports they did it in memory of Emily Beazley.
At Lurie Hospital, Dream Team Helps Kids Fight Brain TumorsThey're on the job, thanks in large part to millions of dollars in donations in recent years, reports CBS 2’s Mike Parker.
Doctors, Survivors Encouraged By President Obama’s Push To Cure CancerHw likely is a cure and could that cure be found here in Chicago? CBS 2’s Sandra Torres went to find out.
Controversial Approach Calls For Delaying Treatment For Some Forms Of Breast CancerYou get a diagnosis of breast cancer, your first feeling is fear and wanting to get treatment over with. But now, some doctors are saying maybe not.
Medical Marijuana A Relief For Some Seeking To Manage PainCBS 2’s Vince Gerasole has one man's story.
Doors Open At Illinois Medical Marijuana DispensariesCBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker was there as patients lined up outside a clinic in Mundelein.
Some Breast Cancer Survivors Skeptical About Revised Mammogram GuidelinesCBS 2's Marissa Bailey has reaction from a local breast cancer group.
American Cancer Society Revises Mammogram RecommendationsFor the first time in 12 years the American Cancer Society updated mammogram guidelines and the changes are a bit surprising.
'Training To Live'An Evanston native rejected a cancer diagnosis so that he could live well and help others. CBS 2's Derrick Young reports.
Helping Women Beat Cancer At FitFestOne in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, and one in 67 will develop ovarian cancer. The numbers are staggering, which is why it's important to know your risk. This weekend, the national non-profit Bright Pink will host FitFest, a fundraiser aimed at saving lives through education.

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