British Parliament Wants Facebook CEO To Testify About Data HarvestingThe whistleblower who exposed the Facebook data harvesting scandal testified before British lawmakers Tuesday. He said it's "categorically untrue" consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica never used Facebook data. Parliament now wants to hear from Facebook's founder. CBS 2's Teri Okita reports.
Apple Unveils New Lower Cost iPad For Schools At Lane TechApple has announced a new more affordable iPad model aimed at students, at a special event at Lane Tech High School, a rare product reveal held away from its California headquarters. CBS 2's Vi Nguyen reports.
Apple To Unveil New Education Product At Lane Tech EventIn a rare move, Apple has planned a major product announcement at a high school in the North Center neighborhood, rather than the tech giant’s California headquarters. CBS 2's Vi Nguyen reports.
Facebook Officials Meet With Congressional Staff Amid Data Harvesting FalloutFacebook officials are headed to Capitol Hill this morning to meet with Congressional staffers amid privacy concerns over user data. This as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for mistakes. CBS 2's Mola Lenghi reports.
Zuckerberg Apologizes For Facebook Data ScandalFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is speaking out for the first time since a political data firm accessed information from more than 50 million Facebook users. CBS 2's Hena Doba reports.
Chicago Tech Hub Gets $750K From Defense Dept. For Cybersecurity ProgramA Chicago-based research and development group has received funding from the Department of Defense to create a new cybersecurity initiative. CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli reports.
SpaceX Launching Rocket With Tesla Car AboardAn estimated 100,000 people will watch the SpaceX launch in Florida on Tuesday. It's the first Falcon heavy rocket with a Tesla car inside. Manuel Bojorquez reports.
Facebook's New Messenger Kids App Gets Mixed Reviews From ParentsA coalition of child health advocates isn't feeling too friendly toward Facebook's new Messenger Kids app. CBS 2's Jericka Duncan explains why the group doesn't like it, but some parents do.
HQ Trivia Mobile Game Taking Nation By StormIt's the trivia game that's got your friends, family, and co-workers talking. HQ Trivia launched five months ago, and now a single game often attracts more than a million players. CBS 2's Laura Podesta reports.
Solar City In Florida Aiming To Be Greenest U.S. CommunityIt's America's first solar-powered town. It's called Babcock Ranch, and it's about half an hour northeast of Fort Myers, Florida. CBS 2's Manuel Bojorquez visited the extremely green community.
NASA Engineers Building New Mars Rover For Key MissionNASA is counting down to its next journey to Mars. Scientists are preparing a new rover to send to the red planet with a new mission. CBS 2's Chris Martinez has an up-close look at some of the on-board technology designed to search for signs of life.
Robots Take The Spotlight At Consumer Electronics Show In VegasWhether they walk, roll, bark, or quack, robots are big at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports.
Investors Urge Apple To Fight Youth iPhone AddictionApple is facing new pressure to help curb what's being called children's and teens' addiction to its smartphones. Two influential investors are asking the tech giant to make changes to its iPhone software, so parents can limit their children's use. Anna Werner reports.
FCC Expected To Repeal Net Neutrality RulesSlower speeds to some of your favorite websites at a higher cost. The FCC is expected to roll back rules on net neutrality at a meeting in Washington on Thursday. The current rules keep Internet service providers from prioritizing one web company over another. Laura Podesta reports.
NASA Delays Launch Of New Weather Satellite SystemNASA has scrubbed the launch of the Joint Polar Satellite System, after technical difficulties, but hopes to launch on Wednesday. The satellite will give meteorologists key weather information about hurricanes, floods, blizzards, and other extreme conditions. CBS 2's Mary Kay Kleist reports.
Ford And Domino's Testing Driverless Pizza DeliveryNo need to tip the driver on this delivery. There isn't one. Ford and Domino's are teaming up to see what customers think of pizza being delivered by an autonomous vehicle.
Uber Working With NASA To Create Flying TaxisYou could call it Uber Air. The ride hailing company has struck a deal with NASA to develop software for managing flying taxis.
Apple Working To Fix iPhone Keyboard GlitchIf you've noticed your iPhone changing the letter I, it's not something you've done. Apple blames a recent iOS update for the glitch, and is working on a solution. CBS 2's Hena Doba reports.
U Of I, U Of C, Northwestern Plan $1.2 Billion Research Hub In South LoopThree major universities plan to create a giant tech center in the South Loop, and hope it becomes the think tank of the future. CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli reports.
U Of I, U Of C Plan Public-Private Research Center In South LoopThe University of Illinois and the University of Chicago have teamed up to create what they hope will become the next big think tank in Chicago. CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli reports.
Elon Musk wants To Send Rocket To Mars By 2022It's an idea that's out of this world. Space X chief Elon Musk says he'll reach his goal of colonizing Mars pretty soon.
Apple Debuts "Animoji," Animated Emoji For iPhone XApple debuted a new "Animoji" feature during the presentation of iPhone X Tuesday, which are animated versions of the popular emojis found on the iPhone.
Apple To Unveil New iPhone XApple is expected to unveil the highly anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone during a product event at its new corporate headquarters on Tuesday.
Global "Ransomware" Attack Spreads To More Than 200,000 ComputersCompanies in the United States and around the world were bracing for a second wave of problems from a weekend cyber attack on Monday, after a “ransomware” attack hit dozens of nations on Friday. CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli reports.

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