Teacher Stepping Down After Alleged Sex With Student

PLAINFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — A suburban high school teacher accused of having sex with a student is stepping down from her job.

Ashley Blumenshine, 27, was a teacher at Plainfield North High School. She was arrested behind a Kohl’s department store at 11860 S. Route 59 in Plainfield earlier this month, when police caught her in a car with a 16-year-old boy and determined that they’d had sex shortly before the officers arrived.

Blumenshine turned in her resignation on Tuesday. The school district is also taking steps to revoke her teaching certificate.

She had taught dance and physical education at the school for four years.

When Blumenshine was arrested, police noticed two vehicles in the parking lot were sitting much farther out from the store than other vehicles in the lot. They found one vehicle was empty, and the other contained Blumenshine and the boy, who was partially unclothed.

  • chitowntony


  • Scott

    Where the hell were these kind of teachers when I was in school!

  • HeorShe

    What an idiot. College and graduate school for nothing! She will never teach again because she is now a felon.

    I’m a teacher, and I know that we must hold ourselves to a slightly higher standard of behavior than many other professionals because of our direct and immediate influence on children.

    I hope it was worth it–the teenage boy gets to go on with his life and pursue whatever he wants because he is NOT now a felon.

    Good luck to you–time to reinvent yourself.

    • LL

      Are you suggesting the teenage boy SHOULD be a felon? She’s the adult, he’s just hormones on a high…

  • Sarah

    Well thats the liberal thinking,you could expect this behavior from teachers more and more,these were the same teachers who campaign for Obama in the grade and HS to get a message to the kid to their families to vote for him which they did and as the teachers and their superiors did BREAK the LAW so what do yoy expect.

    • kc

      How does this have anything in the word to do with Obama?? This teacher is a predator, she preyed upon this kid….it’s not political and for you to make it such is just stupid. Predators aren’t conservative or liberal. They’re called pedophiles, it just so happens they can be of either school of thought. Get real.

    • ocha

      your comment has no basis on reality

    • teganx7

      You have got ot be kidding!
      No teacher in their right mind supports this, no matter what their political leanings.

      Further, teachers who are engaged in electioneering are typically looked down upon by the rest of the staff … it appears you know little as to how school teachers actually work.

    • Ann Margaret Jacobson

      You just made the world a dumber place.

  • johnie

    I like having …uh….. shopping at kohls !

  • Nick Chicago

    I hope she chooses a jury trial made up of all men,she`s going to walk out of that court not guilty.She did the boy a favor,he went up one rung of the latter of manhood!!!

    • kc

      Really? Are you for real? If the genders were reversed, the male teacher would be called a predator. You need to stop and think before you post dumb comments. This student is a kid. The teacher is a pedophile.

      • Alex

        Stop and think! I assume you are a female and never been around testosterone driven teenage boys. They would do anything that would give them wood and nothing would stop them. If there is a hole in the wall, believe me, they will be stuck to it. Is the teacher wrong? Yes! But not a pedophile…just an opportunistiic woman that needed some one with a high motor sex drive. I guarantee you he is bragging to his buddies and even his old man.

      • mike

        Having thought about this before I post …as suggested above.
        I wish I was abused by this pedophle… man is she hot – i’d be willing to be second

      • LL

        Mike she’s probably available now…she’s unemployed and will have a record; but hey, I’m sure you can have her now…

  • Dawn

    Sarah what exactly does campaigning for a president have to do with the judgement call this particular adult made – You are no better then the people who say Palin is to blame for AZ shooting.

    • Sarah

      Go play with your omama doll,fool,

  • Tammy

    I can’t believe someone actually linked this to Obama! Hillarious!!!!

    • Street Cop.

      Isn’t it,fool.

  • the TRUF

    shes really beautiful. Could have been worse, she could have looked like most teachers, ugly as sin

  • it is her fault !

    A new national poll indicates that 56 percent of all Americans have an unfavorable view of Sarah Palin, an all-time high for the former Alaska governor

    • Sarah

      And you must be one of them,now go play with your omama doll.

      • LL

        Sorry, can’t stand him. But nice try…nothing like just shutting your brain off and assuming that if I don’t like Sarah, I must like Obama….sorry! WRONG! Don’t like either; although I’ll take Obama over Sarah any day of the week. I prefer Romney.

    • LL

      I have an unfavorable opinion of Sarah myself, always have; but what happened in AZ is absolutely NOT her fault. The man is suffering from a mental illness, and Sarah has nothing to do with that. To blame her is ignorant.

  • Lew

    This lady is far from beautiful. She’s ok but beautiful? No.

  • Nick Chicago

    take it easy,start by drinking less caffine your way to emotional about this,if you were able to ask this 16 yr old how he feels about having been with a sexy older woman he`d smile and say “just fine “.85% of us who up in the 50`s and sixties had this similar experience.A pleasent memory forever and a great story
    to for army buddies too.KC and everone else who thinks like him this is just part of aman`s growing process and a fact of life that`s all.If he were my son or grandson we`d be laughing about it.

  • me

    Her mugshot portrays that “just had sex with a 16-year-old glow” perfectly.

    Hey, btw, Ashley, I’m 32. That would be like doing it with two 16-year-olds. Just sayin’…

  • MrGrinch

    damn! lucky!! she is fine

  • Princess Fiona

    I’d nail that.

  • plainfieldmom

    I’m a female (and mother of 3, one of which a 10 year old boy) and I can honestly say it IS different. It is NOT the same as a male teacher having sex with a 16 year old girl. The only negative reaction to this boys life, will be all the publicity and press it is getting– other than that- he will go on with life JUST fine. He will NOT need therapy when he is 30 because some hot teacher had sex with him. And for WHOEVER threw obama into this discussion.. REALLY??? WOW. I’d better start praying to OBAMA, NOT GOD.

    • LL

      I’m the mother of an 18 yr. old, and with all due respect, you are wrong. Your son is still too young for you to know this, but It will have an effect. You are correct that he will not need therapy; but it will affectthe way he views and treats girls and woman. It’s not the boys fault; as another poster correctly pointed out, as a teenage boy, he’s got urges he can barely control and he’d nail a wall if he could. My son is good looking and very confident. The girls today are passing it out left and right, and he KNOWS he can get whatever he wants whenever with 90% of them. Trying to get him to respect girls was like talking to a wall until very recently when the hormones finally calmed down. This kid will likely grow up to be a male tramp, and it will be due in part to this woman. Just wait till the female vultures start attacking your boy; it’s not a boys will be boys thing.

  • FR

    I agree with Nick.

  • Thor

    REVERSE THE ROLES… if a 27 year old man had had sex with a 16 year old girl…. none of you would be claiming, “Oh her hormones were just raging”…. “girls will be girls”….

  • Gee-reg

    Sha can come live with me any time I’ll give her a job

  • Jack in Streemwood


  • old goat

    I had nothing but Sea hags and Witches when I was in school….

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/01/26/ex-teacher-facing-student-sex-charges-pleads-not-guilty/ Ex-Teacher Facing Student Sex Charge Pleads Not Guilty « CBS Chicago

    […] Blumenshine has resigned. The school district is also taking steps to revoke her teaching certificate. […]

  • greg

    we had a super hot english teacher last year. she talked about how hot she thought rock stars looked tall thin in tight big bell jeans and leather jackets. so me and a couple of my buddies went out and bought pairs of big bell levis tight and she loved them. we caught she checking us out when we walked around in the class room, we got off on it. we all ended up at night in the park and she gave us head. no one got hurt, im not f–ked up over it, she liked it and we gave it whenever she wanted it. so cool the how bad it is.

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