Teen Gets 26 Years In Derrion Albert’s Beating Death

CHICAGO (CBS) — A 17-year-old boy is going to prison for 26 years, after admitting to participating in the brutal beating that killed honor student Derrion Albert back in 2009.

Eric Carson, 17, had pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the Sept. 24, 2009, incident that killed Albert, 16.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Carson wept in court Friday as he said goodbye to his family. The 26-year sentence was part of an agreement with prosecutors.

Carson was 16 at the time of the attack. He was seen on the video hitting Albert on the back of the head with a large board. Albert was then beaten and stomped by several other teens.

Two other defendants have been convicted in Albert’s death.

A 15-year-old boy was convicted in Juvenile Court, and will remain in custody at the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center until he is 21.

Another defendant, Silvonus Shannon, 20, was also convicted, but has yet to be sentenced.

Two others, Eugene Riley, 19, and Lapoleon Colbert, 20, are still awaiting trial.

Albert was an honor student at Fenger High School, 10220 S. Wallace St. He was walking home past the Agape Community Center, 342 W. 111th St., when he was caught in the middle of a fight between Fenger students who lived in “The Ville” neighborhood near the school, and students who lived more than four miles south in the Altgeld Gardens public housing development.

Albert died of his injuries.

The fight was also captured on a cell phone video, which was seen around the world and drew unflattering attention to the city.

Albert’s death prompted President Barack Obama to call for a national conversation on violence. The month after the incident, U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder and U.S. Education Sec. Arne Duncan visited Chicago to discuss ways to combat youth violence.

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  • ron

    That’s 74 years too short.

    • yoliita

      i agree

    • tecoralove

      it amazes me that people can make comments about things they have no clue about. if punching someone can land a child in jail for life or the have them killed as other suggested then maybe we should all be put to death. i live in this area, the police drive past because they are afraid. How about all of you leaving comments spend one night where these boys had to spend everyday, then leave a comment. ignorance is learned…….. obviously you passed with flying colors.

      • yolita

        i live in the area as well. a child wasnt not punched he was killled.

      • GOHAWKS

        Maybe children should be taught at home that hitting is wrong, whether it be with a fist, hand or object!!! People need to stop blaming the mayor and the police for the crimes their kids commit!!! I lived in a gang infested neighborhood, but my parents keep us busy, and we learned to be civil!!

      • Average Guy

        Maybe if the parents in your community, “the community you claim god forgot,” paid better attention to their children. We wouldn’t have to witness situations where young African-American men would have to spend large portion of their lives behind bars.

  • FY

    they should just execute all of them that where involved in this beating death!

    • jough

      I agree completely. Somebody needs to made an example of; then, maybe, someone will think twice before committing such a senseless crime!

  • jough

    I think it is a tragedy that the one boy will only be locked up for 5 years. He DEFINITELY should have been tried as an adult.

  • tecoralove

    well, its unfortunate everyone feels this way. I knew the young man killed, and what I knew was as unfortunate as this was, he was a willing party in that fight….. its sad though, for the young lady that lives in the neighborhood. since when does a punch equal death, they were all fighting, charge them all with attempt murder. My cousin kept Derrion alive at roseland hospital. he was stable she begged them not to take him to christ hospital as he would not survive the ride there. Did they listen? Did he survive? Now accuse someone else as accessory…. honey, we all can do better, but judging these CHILDREN….. thats just sad

  • tecoralove

    I never mentioned anything about God forgetting my community. I believe in God and all of the things that he could do if some one seeks him out. We all know that our parents can only take us so far, shame on you for blaming these childrens’ parents. blame yourselves, it takes a village to raise a child. the time it takes you to make this post, could be time spent talking to community organizers about how you can help these children. Yet, I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears as people helping people is not the way this city works. keep on judging one another, thats the way to build a child up. keep pointing the blame away from you, that will surely help their self esteem. oh and by the way tell them at 16 that you dont believe they can change, that they can be better, thats the way to begin change.

    • T Green

      People helping people is not the way of this COUNTRY. Start war and invest in prisons–sure, go ahead. Try to invest in education, healthcare or anything that remotely helps the poor or unfortunate, and you’re an unpatriotic socialist that wants to ruin the country.

      We wonder why kids are so crazy and violent these days. Just look at the adults in this country, and it should be pretty clear.

      We (adults) created the drugs, the guns, the music, the alcohol, the poor educational system, pornography, and every other negative influence that’s killing our children. We’re the problem–not them.

  • Average Guy

    O.k. maybe the “the community you claim god forgot,” thing was a bit too harsh. But you did say, “If I lived in this area the police would be driving past because they are afraid. And, how about all of us who are leaving comments spend one night where these boys had to spend every day.” As if it is the worst place in the city to live.

    And, I do agree with you that the sentences that are being hand down are too harsh also. When the full video of this fight hit the internet, I used it as a learning tool to show my youngest son what could happen when you decide to help a friend who’s in a fight. We both realized that Derrion Albert was more the instigator than the victim. I believe that when prison time is handed down, then juveniles should be sentenced until the age of twenty-one, but adults should have known better.

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