Daley Defends City Worker Residency Rule

CHICAGO (CBS) — Without a residency requirement for city employees, Chicago would kiss its middle-class goodbye, Mayor Richard M. Daley warned Monday, arguing that other major cities lived to regret it.

“If you go to Cleveland, if you go to Detroit, if you go to New York, if you go to Philadelphia — talk to all those mayors. They’ll tell you they lost all their middle class,” Daley said.

“Everybody fled the cities — especially public employees,” Daley continued. “In Detroit, they live in Ohio [and work for] the police and fire departments. In San Francisco, they live in Arizona, some of them. They live all over. They don’t live in the city.”

Last month, mayoral candidates Gery Chico and Rahm Emanuel responded to a Fraternal Order of Police questionnaire by saying they were open to letting police officers live outside the city.

“I think we’re a different city than we were 30, 40, 50 years ago when this rule came on the books,” Chico said of the issue.

Chico said Chicago has outgrown the need for a residency requirement to prevent an exodus of the middle class.

“If I thought it was threatening to the middle class, I wouldn’t have put it on the table,” Chico said last week of dropping the residency rule.

But rivals Carol Moseley Braun and Miguel Del Valle both believe the residency requirement for city employees should continue.

“I understand why he’s saying this. He’s obviously pandering to the unions,” Del Valle said of Chico last week. “When I got those questionnaires from the union, I didn’t say that I would be in favor of that. I will not pander to get an endorsement.”

There was also talk last week about whether the Illinois Supreme Court ruling that declared Emanuel met the residency requirements to run for mayor could also be applied to police officers and firefighters who want to move out of the city.

Mark Donahue, the president of the Fraternal Order of Police, said last week he has tried for the past few years to get the law changed so Chicago Police could go to the bargaining table with the city and negotiate over whether police could live in the suburbs. Donahue says the FOP will make that legislative push again this session.

Donahue says he doesn’t know whether any legal connection can be made between yesterday’s Illinois Supreme Court ruling for Emanuel and the city’s employment rule.

Chicago Firefighter Union leader Tom Ryan says he’s had members who’ve lost their jobs because they didn’t live in the city of Chicago. He said he didn’t know whether the Emanuel ruling will have a bearing on those or any other cases.

The Chicago Sun-Times contributed to this report, via the Sun-Times Media Wire

  • Jim

    Residency is sacred in Chicago. Mayor Daley is correct, you would see a mass exit if residency was dropped for City of Chicago employees. I Suburban school districts would be overwhelmed with new students. On the other hand…I believe they have the right to live where they desire. Get to work on time is all that counts.

    • Gee-reg

      There are only 40,000 city workers in a city of about 3 million people!!! If residency was lifted how or why would it affect all the middle class ?????? Remember that the city teachers do NOT have to live in the city Remember that all the CTA workers do NOT have to live in the city. I work for the city and if residency was lifted I would not and could not move this week, this month or this year. If residency is so great why does Daley have a home in Michigan ???

      • Kwitster

        Because he can and probably stole the money from his parking deal. BTW where is that 3.5 Billion. Go vote Liberal again YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!!!

    • Kwitster

      Maybe that’s because the city schools and children that go to them are undisciplined and su-k. I have two that go to grade school in CPS now. But will be in a good Texas school next semester. Thank God!! What Chicago needs is birth control added to the water on the south and west side and city hall.

    • Parker

      It’s sacred because it was the Daley way, and a way to control patronage jobs.

  • Parker

    Daley should just shut up…he is done as Mayor…it’s no longer a Daley city, it’s a city of the people. Cleveland, Detroit, etc were ghettos long before the employees left.

  • Kwitster

    Well then maybe we should just raise the taxes a little more Daley you F’n idiot. Your the reason I am leaving this God forsaken state and taking my 200k job to Texas where idiots like Daley, Obama, Blogo, Quinn, Braun, Chico… would be laughed if they even attempted to get on the ballot. So Illnois, and Chicgo go ahead and keep voting for your bleeding heart liberals and all you’ll have is a state and city full of homeless people!!! ie see Detroit

    • Ron Paul 2012

      You make 200k a year and send your kids to a public school? Tsk Tsk.. As a fellow conservative I contend that you should not be taking advantage of publicly funded programs (including schools) when you clearly have the means to do otherwise.

      • Kwitster

        oops pardon ther typo’s I’m responding in between working and trying to respond quickly.

      • icopr2

        Shut up Ron Paul 2012! Its arrogant thinking like that is the reason for all your failures! Don’t judge unless your ready to be judged jack ass!

      • Kwitster

        I agree Ron whole heartedly. I just got married in November. I have adopted my wifes 2 children. This is my first personal experience with CPS. An OMG!!! No wonder the city is going no where. An i assure you it’s for lack of funding. It’s because No one gives a Sh-t. I spend at least two hours a night with the kids and my wife to teach these kids what the scholls don’t. My wife wasn’t able to this before cause she had no help but still managed to raise beautiful respectful children. I aksed the school what happens to the children that do n ot have parents who understand math or english? There respionse was “we either have A’s or E’s” that’s it. Oh, but they are learning how to speek Arabic. What the Fu-k is that? When they haven’t even mastered english. And they do not teach children to write anymore. And no text books. Where do I end?…

  • icopr2

    I agree 100% with Kwitster!!!! We wish you the best of luck in Texas. Pray for us poor middle class chumps that are stuck with these morons!!!

    • Kwitster

      Thank you, The closer I can get to 2 of the greatest ex Presidents I can get the better. Yee Haw. Practicing my cowboy. :) Good luclk here.

      And don’t be too hard on Ru Paul. He or she or it is just brainwashed like the rest of the Obamanites! At least now it’s recognized. Thank you Quinn. OMG!!

      • Kwitster


        No I was not refferring to you and I like Dr. Paul!!!! Give the threads time to catch up. We are on the same team!! Sorry for the misunderstanding. But I LIKE YOUR FIRE!!!

      • Ron Paul 2012

        Brainwashed? If you peg me for an Obama supporter you are wrong beyond measure. Ron Paul is a conservative Libertarian, and is actually a Congressman for the state of Texas…please tell me you knew this Kwister. Or perhaps it is not my being brainwashed but you being ill-informed.

    • Ron Paul 2012

      I’m pretty sure you have no idea to what I was refering to. It was by no means a judgement of Kwister, you missed my point all together. Exactly what failures would you be refering to? Keeping an independent free thinker out of the white house is not a loss for Ron Paul but a loss to the American people…But then you would actually have to research what Dr. Paul is all about to make that assertion, and it’s much easier just to insult me I guess.

      • Kwitster

        And typos once again. It’s hard to see this 6 point comments section as well. :)

      • Kwitster

        Ron I am sorry. I just left a rather deatailed appology for you that did not get posted. I am sorry I misinturpreted what you meant as well. I am publicly appologizing to you. What men do is or are suppose to do is recognize when we are wrong and admit it and own up to our resposibilities. I hope that you will exccept my appology.



  • Ron Paul 2012

    Kwister good luck, you no doubt will prosper in the fine state of Texas.

  • Ron Paul 2012

    Accepted, sorry for jumping on your case, best of luck in your endeavors.

    • Kwitster

      Thanks, I was hoping to hear from you so things are cleared up. Now gotta go for an hour. Looking forward to reshing later to see where this goes. I do like to stir up the jungle.

  • Elizabeth

    What a useless and vapid conversation between you two! What? Are you two in love with each other or something?! Stick to the topic. As for Kwister, you and the rest of Texas and it’s twisted curriculum and ignorant population should do the rest of the country a favor and seperate from the rest of the union. I’ve never in my life met a bunch of more intellectually shallow, one-track minded group of people than Texans. If George W. was the best that they could offer then we as a nation deserve to be at the bottom of the list when it comes to education. What a waste of space!

    • Kwitster

      Perfect. Thank you Elizabeth for making my day. You have just demonstrated what I am talking about. Now, go cry a frickin river!!!

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