Braun Criticized For Comment Mentioning Hitler

CHICAGO (CBS) — Carol Moseley Braun is raising some eyebrows, after she made a comment about Adolf Hitler at a rally over the weekend.

Braun was at a rally with Princeton University professor Cornel West Sunday, in which she said one of her opponents, frontrunner Rahm Emanuel, reminded her of a character in the 1968 comedy movie, “The Producers.”

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In the movie, produced by Mel Brooks, producer Max Bialystock (Zero Mostel) and accountant Leo Bloom (Gene Wilder) start a scam to raise money in advance and then produce a play so bad it would close after opening night.

The play, “Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchetsgaden,” was supposed to have been written with sincerity as “a love letter to Hitler” by a deranged ex-Nazi soldier named Franz Liebkind (Kenneth Mars.)

Braun asked how many of the 200 people gathered for the rally at the Parkway Ballroom, 4455 S. King Dr., had seen the film, the Chicago News Cooperative reported.

When it turned out few had, she went on to make a crack that Emanuel’s “so kind, so nice” campaign image was disproved by his voting against 128 bill sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, the Chicago News Cooperative reported. She then went on to say this reminded her of Liebkind, who was “still in love with the Fuhrer,” the Chicago News Cooperative reported.

When no one laughed, Braun went on to say: “You don’t get the joke,” and repeated that Emanuel is presenting himself as “the gentle man on television and not the person who voted against $5 million for food aid to Africa,” the Chicago News Cooperative reported.

Braun insists she was not comparing Emanuel, who is Jewish, to Hitler.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Braun has drawn attention from comments she’s made during her mayoral campaign.

Late last month at a debate this past weekend at the Trinity United Church of Christ, 400 W. 95th St., candidate Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins questioned where Braun had been for 20 years, the latter candidate fired back by saying Watkins had been using crack-cocaine.

“Patricia, the reason you didn’t know where I was for the last 20 years is because you were strung out on crack. Now, you have admitted to that,” Braun said, staring at Watkins. “You also were in a cult. You have admitted to that.”

Braun later apologized for the remark.

While campaigning at 95th Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway Monday morning, Braun blamed the media for essentially picking on her.

“You’re not scrutinizing dead fish, you’re not scrutinizing tampon contents, you’re not scrutinizing any of that stuff,” Braun said.

She is referring to past reports that Emanuel once sent a pollster a dead fish for being late delivering poll results and news reports that he once told staffers to “Take the tampons out and get to work.” Emanuel said at an earlier debate that he never made the “tampons” remark.

  • Rob

    This woman is an idiot, it would be so wonderful if she not only drove the city into bankruptcy with her astute financial knowledge but embarrassed herself in public over and over.

  • ron

    Smash, I agree that Braun is probably a racist pig but to say she’s a “typical black racist pig woman” makes you look like a racist pig yourself.

  • c

    Wow, she really shouldn’t be in politics. Her and Sarah Failin seems to be cut from the same cloth!

  • Ira

    This woman (?) is a hateful, ignorant, Jew hater.

  • kwitster

    Chicago deserves no better then Braun. The fact that the idiots here kept voting Daley and his cronie father in to office repeatedly should say enough. God I can’t wait to get out of here!!!!!!! Texas her I come.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      Texas… rofl… enjoy that…

  • kwitster


  • j west

    Carol please go away. you’ve become an embarrasment to women, our race and the politcal system. We need to discuss issues not the road you’ve been on of late. I am so dissipointed in your statements and actions of late.

  • Retired

    Now you see Her true side come out.

  • YourMom

    Braun is her own worst enemy.

  • Dan

    She should stick to selling overpriced tea.

  • Diedra Price

    She has become delusional. She see that her numbers are dropping so she is using every tactic she can to get attention. When it doesn’t worth in her favor, she then blames the media.

  • Fed up

    Why does anyone really care what this ego driven irrelevant hen does or says. Just seeing her with Cornell West should show any sane person what a nut case she is. That guy lost his brain a long time ago.

  • Non melanistic

    Critizing Braun for being stupid is like critizing a dog for barking. It’s like second nature for her. When the racist blacks chose her as their consensus candidate they just gave up the fight. Thank God for small favors.

  • joe six pack

    Carol Mostly Fraud suffers from Foot in Mouth disease.

  • Fish

    i pee on braun.

  • Deena Kaufman

    James Meeks and Danny Davis must be kicking themselves that they dropped out of the race in favor of her. What does that make them considering the joke she has made of herself and her candidacy. She is an embarrassment to herself, women, the black community and to our city. She should just withdraw from the race as she doesn’t have a prayer.

  • Michael P.

    Her outward expressions reflect the perpetual inner pain of the Black Race Conscious Psychosis and its persistent detachment from reality.

  • William Blake

    I don’t think Carol was in the race to win. She has made a slew of mistakes. It seems like she was the candidate to mess over the Black vote. She is to intelligent and has been in the public light for far to long to be making these mistakes.How does it feel black Chicago to get duped again !

    • Pelly

      Remind me. Who brokered this consensus candidate thing? Was it Jesse Jackson Sr?

  • gee-reg

    Rahm promised her a good job with his administartion if she acts sooooo stupid that she would not possibly be voted in.

    • Philip J. Wayne

      she is in this so she can keep the campaign funds she has collected and not spent…she is a crook.

    • streamwood bill

      do you honestly believe that, gee-reg? NOT !

  • Y

    She is a racist, ignorant. Get lost!

  • Annie

    This woman is desperate to get to the mayor office.
    May be she will turn the place into a major distribution of organic matter which then will go belly up.

    Should we vote for her at all?

  • Pelly

    I stand in amazement that this is the consensus candidate of the Black community

    Didn’t they vet her?

    Couldn’t they do any better?

    I campaigned for Harold Washington. He is rolling in his grave.

  • Philip J. Wayne

    She doesn’t speak for the black community…..most are too sophisticated for her nonsense.

  • Hed-wars

    When another newspaper reporter joked about her, she wanted him fired and called him a drunk and wife beater. Now she says we’re picking on her and we can’t take a joke. PLEASE GO AWAY, Ms. Moseley-Braun

  • ceejee

    CBS should tell the whole story instead of covering it up shame on CBS news for distortion of the story

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