Campus Sex Hookup Site Expanding To NU, Columbia

CHICAGO (CBS) — A website offering college students a way to sign up for casual sexual encounters is expanding its operation.

The site was originally set up for students at the University of Chicago, offering students a place for “casual encounters, hookups and more.” Now the site has changed its address to and is opening registration to students at Northwestern University in Evanston and Columbia College in Chicago.

The site’s administrators say they plan to expand to even more schools, but plans to add Brown University in Rhode Island have been put on hold. (Facebook got its start as a student only social site, although there are already plenty of sites to find casual, adult “entertainment.”)

One recent post on the site seeks girls to practice kissing: “Do you like kissing? Do you think kissing involves more than just lips and tongue and should include everything you can do with your nose, chin, cheeks, hands, neck, i.e., really a total body experience?”

Another post asks: “Are you better than my boyfriend?” The poster claims to be seeing someone but thinks she can do better and wants to “get coffee.”

Some of the posts are downright bizarre. One man is seeking three women of Asian descent who “own a plunger and live near a Dunkin Donuts.” The poster goes on to add, “I know you are thinking this sounds strange, but …”

Earlier this month, the site’s administrators said over 300 people had registered for the service. Speaking to CBS 2, a student characterized the U of C campus as “socially repressed,” and hoped the site would spark something of a sexual revolution in Hyde Park.

A .edu email address is required to sign up on the site.

  • Arjay

    long overdue! yeah baby!

    • Maggie

      The Nutty (Psychology) Professor at Northwestern University Campus will likely be just, just ecstatic about this new and oh, my! admirable development for college students, especially for the freshmen! Now they will be able to use the f**ksaw as it is affectionately referred to “nowadays,” on total strangers! Yeah, blind dates will never be the same! What advanced development! . While the Nutty Professor, otherwise known as Bailey (not George, you understand), is likely as happy as a pig in mud over this latest, ah hem, development, the world will watch as American University students get more distracted and dumber and dumber and dumber. Imagine “students” of UofC caliber, being unable to find a companion! In a university setting! It should be of no significance, at all, that they are busy studying and developing their minds! Let the sexual repression at UofC be wiped out and turn campus into mindless, lustful and oh, so much fun orgy, especially for the women. The Nutty Professor at NW should “lecture” “repressed” students (no parents invited to this lecture) to look into this genetically challenged website. Did anyone find it unusual, to saw the least, that the couple at NW who were the models for the f**ksaw demo had a 19 year age difference. This means an 18-19 year old college student today, would be looking at a girl infant as a girlfriend in 25 years. No undue mind influence there, NW Nutty Professor. Next time I hear about the Nutty Professor’s demo’s I hope to hear that it was his wife! or daughters! or sisters! being the model demos. He could remove the family waiver as I am sure that they and he would be open to such demos, right?

      • John

        What does this have to do with the website created for u of chicago students? You sound like a bitter idiot… I assume you don’t/didn’t attend UofC or NU (not NW) Maggie. Get a life. Casual sexual encounters are in, and maybe it’s not about them not being able to find a companion (otherwise this site would be useless). It just makes it easier to approach people. Everyone on the site is there for the same thing, there’s no confusion or mixed signals, and for those that are shy, it creates a comfort zone for them to say something they are terrified to say face to face. Now how about you go get laid, it might actually make you smarter.

      • Kate

        Way to rant, Maggie. What do you really know about any of this other than what you’ve read online?

  • TheTruth

    i can see it now….. he raped me…what, she wanted it………we hooked up on the website……. he gave me an std blah blah blah, let the idiots breed and continue to drive america into the ground

    • John

      TheTruth? If you want the truth, you should think about the existing dating sites and hook-up sites that already exist. Is it the fact that this is for college students that makes you angry, since you can’t participate? Are you jealous that you did not come up with this safer way (opposed to craig’s list and others) of a closed networking site for students to hook up? Have you attended college in the last 30 years? My guess is no, because if you knew the culture of a college campus you probably would have a different view on the matter.

      • Maggie

        Johnnie, rest your weary head. You are too young and unwise, it’s obvious! to know or understand of what i speak. i would have gone to UofC, but chose a different university. you are obviously a guy who is all gungho on this new adventure. i wonder why. is it hard for you, to communicate with a woman or a man? this is related to FU I mean NU by occurences of recent, of which you are unaware. are you probably frustrated in you college room in front of the old computer. karma is a bit*ch. and it will come for you. back in the old days, ten years ago, couples who only wanted sex would meet in places around the university, they would find each other, and no i don’t think there was anything wrong with that. it did not take much intelligence to know what the other wanted and nothing else. it took a little effort, and a little time and a little suspense, I’d guess. something you and other college students like you cannot today comprehend. my guess is this won’t get far at UofC.

    • Roberta Waker

      You really hit the nail on the head. Anyone that gets raped or beat will not have a leg to stand on to prosecute because this site is set up specifically for casual sex. It is a given that any sex resulting from this web site is consensual and voluntary. This is an open invitation for perverts, people with STDs, rapists, and Lord only know what else. The whole world is laughing.

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  • Ron

    TheTruth, as if that scenario hasn’t already played out before. Anyway, I can’t wait for them to expand to DePaul.

    • Maggie

      DUh, Ron, DePaul is a Catholic based university. Won’t happen. Students are getting more stupid. So obvious.

  • optimyst

    It is far better than getting drunk at a party and going home with the first person you see, which was th enorm when I attended University. Use the oportunity to teach basic safety as well: (Meet in a public place. A reference check of some kind like get some contact info from the contact and make sure it works. Tell others where you are going. and so on) And you have a something that actually might make a positive difference in today’s cyber world.
    Good luck everyone!
    May your journey be pleasant, fulfilling, and interesting.

  • Becca

    Wow Maggie… you sound kinda like Charlie Sheen when you rant, LOL Anyhow… ppl stop acting like this is a big horrible NEW thing. At least this may take away from the frat party craze where you hook up under the influence of a roofie. Christ! If ur smart about it, then I say go for it.

    • Maggie

      So obvious…and the choices are 1. frat party and taking/giving a dangerous drug party to hook up? or to hook up per computer website. Nothing in between Becca? No more ideas? This is all you got? This isn’t a new thing, just a spin off of others and website guys trying to make money off of unwise college students. Makes me wonder who’s developed, funded or behind the site. There’s so much wrong with this and it would take too long to explain to you since you are of the kind who are close minded, unwise, snakey and boring. Sorry.

  • Gord

    Maggie – stop saying “So obvious.” It’s annoying.
    What’s obvious is that you are a prude. Also, ten years ago, when I was halfway through college, there was already a site like this called This is nothing new. Casual sex – when handled respectfully and responsibly – is a GOOD thing.
    Another thing – DePaul University wouldn’t be the the ones setting up this site – the University administration would have no control over its students participating. It is a free country, as they say. And the pent-up, sheltered Catholic students there are precisely the demographic that a site like this aims to help. Just imagine, DePaul girls might actually to be actively involved in their sex, focusing on climax, instead of just lying there and taking it while mentally planning their elaborate Catholic wedding.

    • Maggie

      Obviously, you are perverted already and know nothing about the Catholic faith. Casual sex is more likely a “good thing,” as you say, for a guy. Not saying women don’t do this or won’t but it is usually the guys, for whom this would be a “good thing,” as you say. Also, the privacy of participants will be jeopardized at this website. If you don’t believe that or even consider it, you are obviously unwise. Not surprisingly, UofC, the chosen repressed university, will not be a winner here with this silly website, also the DePaul students, another repressed university as you indicate, where they chose to go for various reasons including it being a Catholic Uni., will not be a winner for this website. Suggestion, Gord, go study Philosophy, Psychology and check out books at your library about Catholicism, because you are mentally challenged in all those areas and it would do you good to brush up and open your mind. If a woman is lying there “taking it” as you say, it may be her who has a problem with sex, in general, and that is another issue, but in this hook up scenario, more likely it is the partner’s shortcomings of what an intimate relationship consists of and knowing that would lead to what you are really seeking. Give yourself a break. Wisdom takes time, especially when you purposefully ignore what is right.

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